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I loved the Aesthetic Mentor course on applied anatomy with Cadaver dissection because it was so valuable to see all the muscles, arteries, and veins of the face up close in person and realize what really lies under the skin of a patient when you are injecting them. As a new injector to now be able to visualize the muscle in my mind and really understand the anatomy after taking the course , has given me more confidence and most importantly made me a safer and more skilled injector. I now visualize the procerus and corrugator in my mind when marking and injecting because I really saw them and touched them on a cadaver! I visualize the frontalis muscles but also understand after seeing two separate cadavers that muscle placement can vary from person to person and knowing how to assess them is so important. I feel more confident knowing what to avoid but also understanding the “why”you are avoiding an area. Seeing the arteries up close in the face definitely leaves a lasting impression! I also believe its humbling to realize all you don't know and this course makes you want to learn more and take the course again. I definitely will be back! Thank you Dr. Russo!

-- Joan C

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