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After the accident my back and neck we're a mess. Thanks to Advanced Spine & Wellness Center and after a little over a month of their excellent care I feel more like myself. The people at Advanced Spine & Wellness have a given me the tools and techniques to keep me feeling good well after my thera... See More

My wife, Shelia R, was continuously in extreme lower back pain, and there was nothing that would help. We read about Advanced Spine, Joint & Wellness Center, so we decided to give it a try and we are glad we did. At our consultation they could see the extreme pain she was in, so before we agreed to a plan, they took her out and worked on her back to give her some relief. What they did gave her a little relief. We agreed to a treatment plan and they said that at the end of the plan they expected her to see at least a 75% reduction in her pain level. Before the treatments were completed, the pain had eased greatly. Besides the back alignment, the exercises, massages and pinpoint injections, they gave her exercises to do at home. She still has occasional back pain but the difference is night and day. I’m so glad we decided to check them out. Everyone there is great and they treat everyone like family. If you have tried everything and nothing has worked, I strongly urge you to pick up phone and call Troy. You’ll be glad you did!

Robbie Robertson gave Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness Center a 5 star review

Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness Center is unique. Not only are their doctors highly qualified and professional, but they also treat you like a human being. I was in their office today for my initial consultation and I didn't have to wait long at all. In a very short period of time, I had a team of professionals working to analyze my problem with the latest equipment, and more importantly a genuine sense of concern and compassion. This is a 5-star team of great professionals. I give them an A+ !!!

IT Pro Mike gave Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness Center a 5 star review

Professional approach to correction not just relief. The staff in every “department” has been focused on my specifics rather than general ailments. I feel like I’m on a better path to recovery so far. I will update at a later date. -Rick

Rick Black gave Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness Center a 5 star review

Folks, if you're in pain or have an injury, this is the place for you! The folks there are fantastic, you are cared for by a team, not just one person. I am so blessed that I have discovered Advance Spine and Joint Health and Wellness Center. They are AWESOME! I live with chronic pain and trust me, they are miracle workers! If you need some help with your health and well being, this is the place!

Becca Seelbach gave Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness Center a 5 star review
Mick Robinson Recommends Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness

the entire multi discipline approach is amazingly worth it. Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, and excellent massage therapy...caring staff. They accomplished more than I thought possible with my spine/joint pain.

4 weeks ago
Linda Pedery Lang Recommends Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness

One stop shop, they can take care of many needs at one location, make your appointment for PT, chiropractic, massage, decompression, injections, x-rays, laser therapy and this eliminates having to make numerous appointments on separate days to see all your doctors, they also review your progress with everyone involved in your treatment, so there's no confusion about what is being done and how you're progressing.

4 weeks ago
Kimberly Grosik Recommends Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness

10⭐ I was hesitant at first because adjustments scare me and I had fusion back surgery in lumbar area but in 2 weeks I already feel functional. There is Hope with these Incredible people. Everyone is kind & patient! Looking forward to this journey. Just sorry it took me 25 years to find the help I Needed. Thank you!

2 months ago
Mary Perito Recommends Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness

Chiropractic Adjustments Physical Therapy Massage

2 months ago
Joe Anthony Eleo Recommends Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness

Amazing staff! I would highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone!

3 months ago
Cassandra Booker Recommends Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness

they really know what they're doing over there at the advanced spine joint and Wellness Center they're on the map I love them

3 months ago
Sue Scheutzow Recommends Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness

I would recommend anybody to come to Advanced Spine Joint and Wellness Center!!!! I felt a huge difference after my first visit. After each visit I get more and more strength and movement. Everyone is so great and helpful and I can't see myself going anyplace else!!!!

3 months ago
Karin Damm Recommends Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness

Very friendly staff and the place is always clean. They work with you to make the best plan to help you feel better and lessen any pain that you have. Just an all around great place to go.

4 months ago
Deb Armenta Recommends Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness

I have had a great experience at this facility and enjoy the team approach they offer with treatment plans. I’m even having my daughter and husband work with them. They are flexible with scheduling, offer payment plans, and seem to work with a variety of insurance providers. Chiropractic care in conjunction with their physical therapy team and many alternate treatment options will get you up and running again. I would give them 6 starts if I could! I highly suggest them as an alternative to pain relievers or as a preventative treatment to keep your body in proper alignment/increase flexibility and decrease chances of future Dis-ease.😊

4 months ago
Christine Staller Recommends Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness

Got mom able to take me for a walk in the park again! Thanks Dr Matt, and the rest of you guys up there!

4 months ago
Colleen Kilbane gave Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness a 5 star review

Everybody is very friendly. I especially like the laser therapy and the cryo therapy. The adjustments are very helpful for my lower back pain.

6 months ago
Joey Alan Browning Recommends Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness

Great place, very friendly staff always feel welcome. I have never been to a place like this and where they care so much my recommendations will be very high. I have only been going for a week but will definitely continue to get my work down threw out the next several weeks.

6 months ago
Jerry Winkler Recommends Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness

Great group of people doing some amazing things! I waited to post a review until I had a month of therapy under my belt to see how things progressed over time, and have to say they just keep getting better! Very pleased with the results so far. The multi-discipline approach covers all the bases with a goal of improving overall wellness, functionality, and mobility, as opposed to just (temporarily) alleviating pain. The staff is awesome, from the doctors to the PAs to the Physical and Masso-therapists, as well as the front desk and support staff. They get to know you as a person, and not just another patient. I am happy to recommend Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness Center!

7 months ago
Angela Geml gave Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness a 5 star review

They have been great helping me overcome years of back pain and more recently neck pain, plus ALL of the employees are so friendly every time you walk in the door.

7 months ago
Nora Hill Recommends Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness

The therapy here is like no other the employees have such beautiful personalities. The therapy is nothing like any other place for instance I had a siactica issue with in 2 weeks I was like 60 percent better. Check this out you have your therapy, chiropractor, different types if light therapy, massages all in the same place you can't beat it. I totally recommend you to this place you won't regret it.

7 months ago
Amanda M Harrison gave Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness a 5 star review

They are wonderful I had surgery in March on my lower back and they have helped me to get back to my regular life.

8 months ago
Adrianne Pitts gave Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness a 5 star review
9 months ago
Geno Jawhari gave Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness a 5 star review
10 months ago
Shawnda Payne gave Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness a 5 star review
10 months ago
James Banks gave Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness a 5 star review

They have changed my life. I'm a Law Enforcement Officer and physical fitness is imperative. I was having intense joint pain and discomfort. I was very irritable all of the time. I lacked mental focus. I longed for the energy and the workouts of my younger years. I'm getting back to that. I'm happier, more energetic and the stresses of life and my job do not adversely affect me as they once did. You are changing lives. You gave me my life back. Thank you all so much for helping me.

10 months ago
Laurissa Ann Baus gave Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness a 5 star review

They are so caring and thoughtful . they never push you past your comfort level if your in pain ... This is an amazing place . the staff is wonderful. They have helped my pain soo much . I would be lost with this place...

1 year ago
Kaethe Mrochek gave Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness a 5 star review

This is my 6th week of going to Advanced Spine Joint and Wellness Center. I can honestly say that I don't remember the last time I felt this good. I have suffered from chronic pain due to an autoimmune disease since I was 8 years old. The older I got, the worse it got. I literally tried every approach that the doctors threw my way, and have seen too many specialists to even keep track of. In December I was on the verge of throwing in the towel and starting long term steroids and stem cell research after a particularly bad flare. Instead I decided I was going to take a more aggressive, active roll is my health. I really began to pester my doctors and push for a new approach...a more comprehensive approach rather than treating 1 body part at a time. My first day of treatments at ASJC alone were amazing. And every visit since has been fantastic! They take the time to understand your specific needs and goals, then develop a personalized treatment plan specific to you. They treat the whole body, as opposed to other doctors who treat you for 1 aspect at a time and nobody knows what the other is doing. Because they have the Dr., Physicians Assistant, Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Nutritionist, etc all right there, your treatments can be changed or modified on the spot. They truly understand that the best results come from treating the whole body. On top of that, it is 100% obvious and felt, that everyone who works there truly wants to see you succeed at your goal. They truly care. I simply cannot say enough about the facility, the staff, the treatment and the care given here. I recommend it to everyone I can and will continue to do so. After 6 weeks I am absolutely amazed at the improvement in my daily life! I look forward to continuing with them and reaping the benefits of having the healthiest body and lifestyle that I can. If you have not called them yet, or messaged them on Facebook or emailed them, do it now!!! You will not regret it!!!

1 year ago
Jerry Warwick gave Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness a 4 star review
1 year ago
Michelle Holly Spencer gave Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness a 5 star review

The staff is very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable! My back/neck pain and leg numbness is virtually gone. As my body heals, I am looking forward to maintaining the health I’ve obtained! Thank you, and please continue this wonderful service! I have referred my of my co-workers to you and my physician has also. She is very impressed, as I am, with the way you add adjunctive therapy to heal. God bless you and your staff!!!

1 year ago

I normally do not give five stars on a review, but in the case of Advanced Spine Joint Wellness Center, they deserve seven stars - if not more. I am so... more

Susan P. gave Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness Center a 5 star review

I tried the lipo laser sessions and it went pretty well and I lost almost 3 inches around my waist with 6 sessions!! I found a great deal for these sessions... more

Kendra E. gave Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness Center a 4 star review

I was told by ER staff I have advanced arthritis, bone on bone and need a left knee replacement. I found the Center on Facebook and received a different... more

Ansar I. gave Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness Center a 5 star review

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