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Love my discussions with all team members of Advanced Allergy Relief & Wellness.

Stefan Brule
Advanced Allergy Relief And Wellness Center Replied: Stefan! You are a wealth of knowledge - stop by anytime and let's keep the discussions going.

Advanced Allergy relief has changed my life. I suffered from severe dark red circles around my eyes, a form of hay fever, that was caused by allergies. Living in Arizona, I knew I was allergic to many of the native plants and trees. My allergies grew so bad that I couldn’t go outside without my eyes becoming inflamed. Dr April and the Advance Allergy Relief team put me on the vibration treatment plan. By the end of the treatments, the redness in my eyes is gone and I have gotten my life back!

Thank you so much for your help!

Daniel Oertle

So beyond grateful for Dr. April, Michael, Judy and Joanna. They are kind and informative in their passion for helping their patients experience the very best results possible. Since Dr. April's taken over the practice, she's brought a high degree of skill, insight, and modifications that have hugely enhanced the quality and depth of care. The allergy treatments have helped me get my life back! I fall within the small category of people who need to retreat due to the complexity of my health history but just knowing... Read More

Michelle Brown
Advanced Allergy Relief And Wellness Center Replied: Michelle! Thank you so much for the kind words. You always bring such a great presence to the office - so much determination and commitment to health along with a great sense of humor. We love seeing you and are excited at how well you've been feeling. Thank you again for this review - it means the world to us! -Dr. April

I have struggled with allergies for years, but in the past few years the symptoms had become unmanagable, especially the wheezing, which I had not been able to find relief from. I went to see Dr. April after a great referral from a friend. I had some immediate relief in the first month and I continue to improve. The treatments are pleasant and no needles!

Deborah Bethay
Advanced Allergy Relief And Wellness Center Replied: Hi Deborah! No needles is aways nice :). You've been amazing to work with and we can't thank you enough for the kind words!

I was recently diagnosed with EOE. White blood cells are attacking my esophagus causing inflammation and damage. Food gets stuck and will not pass. It’s very painful and results in vomiting. According to the GI doctor, even though it is most likely caused by an allergy, getting to the root cause of the disease by working with an allergist is not possible; I will just have to take a prescription drug for the rest of my life. I’m not satisfied with this answer.

I’ve been suffering with multiple allergies,... Read More


Caring, straightforward and effective. They cured my pet allergies AND my gluten intolerance.

Leib Smason

This is the only place that has ever helped me overcome my severe allergies (environmental AND food). Go see them! Dr. April is so kind and knowledgeable. She listens to you and will guide you on your journey to become allergy free. I am someone who’s had severe, off-the-chart allergies since I was a child. Although my allergies are not fully eradicated, my year long course of treatment with the incredible people at Advanced Allergy Relief has brought me to a place where my allergies don’t rule my life. Although... Read More

Brandi A
Advanced Allergy Relief And Wellness Center Replied: Brandi, it's been a joy to spend this time with you! Your dedication to your health is the #1 reason you're feeling better. We were just one part of your journey. Keep up the amazing work! :)

This has been a life changer for our 9 month old. She had severe reflux and within three weeks was back to normal. We were dealing with this for over 7 months.

I was very skeptical, but I have to give credit where it is due. Dr. April was able to do what a lot of other people could not.

Our baby now loves food, is off her meds, and doing great. Thanks again!


I’ve made a quite a few trips over the past 6 years (flight required), best investment I’ve made for our family, and optimal health.

I was chronically ill, and could have died. My body was literally attacking itself.

Referred by a friend, I took flight.

I left thriving, feeling alive for the first time!!!

Don’t forget your kids too. My children’s demeanor, health, and even skills improved dramatically as well.

If you feel like your in a daze/fog, memory loss, sensitivities, epileptic, digestion issues, rashes,... Read More

TJ Anderson

I had a wonderful experience at Advanced Allergy Relief. Before going here I was unable to eat any wheat or gluten without having sever stomach pain placing me in fetal position, followed by diarrhea. Just a bite of gluten and it would do that to me. Ever since I have gone here I have been pain free COMPLETELY after warring gluten! This truly works wonders and I am so thankful for the staff and their amazing customer service!

Sophia Christine Soderberg

My food allergies was getting so bad i could only eat a few things without a migraine or my throat closing up and Vomiting. after 15 or so treatments I can eat just about anything again after 6 years of terrible Migraines and limited ability to eat I am free from that years long nightmare. If you want real change go see Dr Maize however it does take some time. Thanks Dr Maize

Matt Jensen

The best place to get your allergies treated. I added the picture to show what a difference 1 year and many allergy treatments under my sons belt. My son had many allergies wheat being the biggest issue he had, my son was treated as a celiac for years. He was on daily adult allergy meds with Benadryl as needed, and on occasion steroids to treat all his many issues with allergies. We weren’t able to go out to eat, because cross contamination was a big deal and even a drop of wheat would give my son the worst stomach... Read More

Jessica DeMarco DesJardins

I have been gluten intolerant for about 6 years. I went to advanced allergy relief because I was having a neurological problem and I thought maybe removing my bodies negative response to allergens it would help calm my nervous system. After getting treated for gluten I had no intention of eating gluten but I knew it would help me not have a reaction to cross contamination. So fast forward 4 months, my hormone doctor wanted to check me for celiac disease. Not remembering that I treated gluten at advanced allergy, I... Read More

Bridgette Schwartz

Live life on your desired terms.... be free of allergies and food intolerances The quantitative, verifiable, results oriented system they have is second to none! Super friendly, knowledgeable, loving staff.

Detonix Gmail
Michael Dadamo
April Kochuten
Dawn Kochuten
Ryan McDonough
Brittany Johnson

I am a truck driver and I have done 4 treatments !!! It’s true !!! This office really does get rid of allergies and an easy way to test for them... I am enjoying sour cream on my tacos again !!! I have not been able to eat dairy for so long.... I can’t remember since when !!! This truly is a God send !!! God Bless these people !!!

Joy Williams

I am having great results !!! I love the people there... very helpful for me as I am a truck driver !!! They have some great ideas for me to better my health and awareness !!!❤️✝️❤️

Joy Williams

First time was about eight years ago for one of my three sons, he had asthma and an array of allergies, at that time we didn't fully finish his full treatment for financial reasons but we definitely saw a difference, he has never had and asthma attack since. We always kept them in mind, we are now back for more with another son and my husband and hopefully the whole family!

Yadira Hendricks

Amazing place, my son is able to live without allergy meds after coming here.

Jessica Demarco
Dana Raimondi

Dr. Foster and his team make us feel like family. Time and money well spent.

CJ Lucero

A total Godsend! My son was couch ridden, restricted diet, terrible eczema, couldn't sleep, terrible dog allergy. Now he can eat whatever he wants, travels, and can have a dog again. Dr. Foster has given my son and our family quality of life back!

Michelle Lucero

Dr.Foster changed my life in the best way possible!!! Highly recommended

Tucker Hill

my son couldn't sleep or eat. we are now on track to a better life. so very greatful.

Romans Road Lucero

Life changing for the whole family. Any doctor whose goal is to fix your issues and never see you again has to be worth it. Eczema gone, inflammation gone, breathing and enjoying the outdoors without dosing up on allergy meds and Advil! Absolutely amazing results and all natural!

Katy Goodnight

We love advanced allergy relief. They have helped our 2 boys ages 5 and 10 with their seasonal allergies and asthma. Dr. April and Michael are so attentive... more

Danielle C. gave Advanced Allergy Relief and Wellness Center a 5 star review

I've had allergic reactions to water (particularly swimming pool water) since I was a little kid. I have tried just about everything to deal with the... more

Roseann B. gave Advanced Allergy Relief and Wellness Center a 5 star review

I am so grateful I came across Dr. Maize. I repeatedly kept getting sick this year and eventually just thought this must be allergies. I had a phone consult... more

Kara W. gave Advanced Allergy Relief and Wellness Center a 5 star review

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