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If you came this far and reading this it only means that you're curious to know if the services that ADR Financial Group are in fact true. Well I'm here to tell you that ADR Financial Group IS THE TRUTH!! Its
been 20 days and I have seen major cleaning of my credit and an increase of over 153 poin... See More


ADR is the best and highly recommend them to anyone. I was nervous and skeptical at first but they fixed my credit fast and efficiently. I can now refinance my home and so happy. They answered all my questions and concerns immediately. I would recommend them to anyone:)



ADR Financial Group is an AMAZING company. They listen to your situation and they do everything possible to help you. Long story short, I started off in the low 400s and now I have a score of 666!! They promise they will help and they keep that promise. Thank you ADR for everything you have done. I ... See More


It’s been a great experience working with ADRFINANCIAL. They are true to their word and very knowledgeable. I could call day or night and any questions I had was answered. ADRFINANCIAL worked fast to get my credit score up and beyond where it needed to be. I will recommend ADRFINANCIAL to anyone. ... See More


First and foremost I just want to thank Rocky and Alexis for a Job well done. They took my credit from the low 600s to 780 in the matter of 45 days. Because of them I am able to purchase my dream house! Thank you guys again. I would highly recommend anyone to use ADR Financial Group for all credit ... See More


My experience with ADR has been amazing.... Their team is so responsive and dedicated to truly helping their clients. I was a little reluctant in the beginning because I had dealt with other companies before and needless to say I was not satisfied and out of hundreds of dollars. From day one, Al... See More


Hands down the best credit repair company in the business. I’ve literally gone from not being able to get approved for anything with out an outrageous APR. and after a short 3 months working with them I’m now a member of the 700 club with all 3 bureaus and have been able to refi my home saving... See More


ADR Financial Group did exactly what they said they would do! In less than 30 days I saw results. Negative accounts were gone!! Credit score increased! New credit obtained!! They instructed me on obtaining new lines of credit which I did receive without any hassle. I'm very thankful for ADR FINANCIA... See More


When I reached out to Lexi at ADR Financial my scores were in the mid to high 500's and I needed some real work done. She explained the whole process of what she was able to do and going to do. Lexi also suggested things I needed to do on my end. ADR Financial did an amazing job reparing my credit... See More


ADR has helped my family with our credit problems. Helping getting things removed from my credit that I thought would never come off. They are really the best at what they do. I used to waist money, and time with other companies that I thought would complete the job, but ADR Financial Group is hands... See More


If you are looking for a 2nd chance, ADR Financial Group can examine your credit profile, create a customized plan, and coach you to your desired credit score. I must say, I was a skeptic as well but seeing is believing. Thank you! - Houston Client


I don't even know how to start. ADR Financial is 🔥🔥🔥. I signed up with them on july 8th 2019 (10 days ago) and I had to many bad items on my credit. They told me that it was going to take approximately 45 days until we get responses from the credit bureau, but today I received 2 emails from... See More


My experience working with ADR Financial has been ASWOME the team has been very professional always available when I reached out with any questions. I would highly recommend ADR Financial to work with in regards to credit repairs.

I would also like to share with the team at ADR Financial. I wou... See More


I have been with ADR Financial group for just over threes and I have already seen a 77 point increase on my actual FICO score. I was struggling and getting frustrated with trying to dispute items on my own but in two weeks 3 accounts were DELETED!!! I get updates every day and now I’m excited to l... See More


Let me start with Lexi. She is amazing, very attentive and she knows her stuff, within the first 3 weeks my score jumped 55 points. I was a former Lexington Law client and no improvement was shown within 6 months. Everything with ADR Group so far has been good. They are trustworthy and every dime sp... See More


Recognizes the needs of others and reaches out to lend a helping hand. Thank you ADR


After dealing with so many people in the past, I was Skeptical about finding someone offline to help me restore my credit. But, ADR have definitely did just that. Unlike others in the past, I instantly seen the difference between them. We were able to conduct a full analysis of my credit report, det... See More


Results Results Results is the song I sing .. ADR has been nothing but professional and informative on credit education and rehab.


Definitely A1. Within a few months my credit score went from the 500 to now I'm in the 700 club! ADR Financial Group is the TRUTH!!!!!!


I experienced prompt and professional service from the members of ADR. Not only was I satisfied, but I was amazed at the swiftness of the results that were reached. I will recommend this service to all seeking improvement to their credit status.


This has been a great experience Working with this couple On my credit I would recommend you guys to anybody Everything happening just like you said but even faster So appreciative for something that make my lifestyle better Thanks


In almost less than 30 days my Credit score was raised 100 points they are the best .


Excellent service!! Got the job done and my score increased by 100 points in less than 30 days. I was able to apply for my first apartment and get approved. They work diligently and efficiently to get those negative items removed ASAP! I’ve recommended them to 3 of my friends so far

I'd just like to commend ADR Financial for their amazing customer service. Their staff is very friendly and helpful whenever I call or email. And they go... more

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