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I went to the Orlando hypnosis clinic hoping to overcome a fear of flying I’ve carried for my entire adult life, the simple thought of being in an airport would give me crippling anxiety. I met with Danny and did the consultation, he was welcoming and completely understanding of the specifics of my fear, he told me what to expect and the amount of sessions he would recommend. After only the first session which was really just to familiarize myself with hypnosis and what to expect, i already began to feel a sense of calmness and relief from constantly worrying and thinking about my fear and how it was impacting my career and life. After a few more sessions Danny really took a personal interest in making sure i was my best possible self, he is an amazing individual who truly does what he does only to help people. Danny was always upfront and caring to my individual needs and genuine in his work. It was around the 4th session i noticed some major improvements where i could envision myself flying, and not caring about what “could” happen, like I had for so long. I can truly say that the amount of calmness and confidence I have now is directly related to the sessions with Danny. I have recommended this to so many friends for all sorts of different anxieties. I highly recommend putting your bias or preconceived ideas aside and trusting the process for whatever you might need it for.

-- Philip F

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