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Ace Relocation Systems was fantastic. I had a few quick comments... 1) our weight of things/boxes we had was underestimated. It was estimated about 4000 pounds and it ended up being 5200 pounds. This incurred a significant upcharge. I would have rather they overestimated and said it was like 5500 pounds and then end up only being 5200 pounds. 2) there were only 2 movers at the origin location. The estimated time to move boxes out of our apartment was 2-3 hours, it ended up taking 6 hours. They had to label/tag every box and it takes a while. It wasn't a problem for us, but it should be estimated differently for future customers. At the destination, there were 3 movers and they were much faster; took between 2-3 hours.

Overall, we were extremely satisfied with the move. Our belongings were picked up on Thursday and delivered on Monday with close to no issues. We had a 2 week window of when our belongings would be delivered and it only took 4 days! The communication from Heather, Brent, and all parties was fantastic and extremely appreciated. Thank you!!!

-- Mark B

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