ABC Early Learning Academy@Eagle's Landing

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110 N Park Trail
Stockbridge, GEORGIA 30281
United States
Sharon Montgomery gave ABC Early Learning Academy@Eagle's Landing a 5 star Review on Facebook

I have always felt ok with bringing my daughter here. Great communication with daily reports sent to my email. I really didn’t realize how good of a daycare this is until I had to enroll her elsewhere during the pandemic shutdowns. She soon started crying every day when I had to drop her off at the “other” daycare. Not sure what was going on or what was making her not want to go there. As soon as ABC reopened I enrolled her again and she immediately stopped crying when I dropped her off and every day I pick her up she says “I had fun at school today, daddy”. Knowing she is ok and happy means the world to me. I don’t have to worry anymore if she is being treated and taken care of properly. I LOVE ABC STOCKBRIDGE AND THEIR STAFF!

Nicholas Stillions gave ABC Early Learning Academy @ Eagle's Landing a 5 star review

My son has recently started the Pre-K program here and he absolutely loves it! The staff members are professional and friendly. Normally you hear kids crying when they go into daycare or school, but the kids I see during drop off are all happy to be there. Definitely good vibes.

Katie Thompson gave ABC Early Learning Academy @ Eagle's Landing a 5 star review

Absolutely love this day care love the staff my daughter have been going almost a year , she is 2 and i respect them and the care they have for my daughter and her development . They are truly a family and attentive .

Resha Farrell gave ABC Early Learning Academy @ Eagle's Landing a 5 star review

I am beyond happy with this school. At previous daycares he was always labeled a behavioral problem but after his first day, his teacher came to us with a concern of him possibly being autistic. After several doctor visits, he was diagnosed a high functioning autistic. This daycare has been extremely accommodating and understanding of what my son needs and I no longer get phone calls every day complaining about him. We absolutely ADORE Ms. Charity who makes sure he is always taken care of and will even pull him out of class to work 1 on 1 with him so he's not overwhelmed trying to learn. She may be the director, but her job isn't to do that. She chooses to and that says a lot about her character. I hope to keep him here a very long time because I can tell every day when we drop him off, that he's loved no matter who is watching him.

Joanna Hall gave ABC Early Learning Academy @ Eagle's Landing a 5 star review

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