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gave A Professional Inspection Service 4 stars


I had the privilege of meeting Damon and his crew from A Pro inspection today. So, thankful, I had that opportunity.
With much hesitation with choosing "A Pro inspection", because of the quoted price. I am beside myself with relief I did. The thought of choosing an inspection company with a less expensive quote would have been a nightmare and would not have caught the festering problems within the walls of this home..
Damon and his crew are exceptional people. They are all dedicated to the job at hand. They have the knowledge to offer the most skeptical of home buyers a clear picture of problems that could be encountered with new or older homes. These people are there for YOUR protection, and piece of mind.
After much deliberation regarding this inspection price: I am very thankful I decided to pay the quoted price(which was a bit more than a regular inspection) for a thorough inspection that uncovered internal issues that would have cost much more money in the long run.
Word to the wise: Price and cost are words that are NOT interchangeable!
I would recommend "A Pro inspection" to anyone and everyone I encounter.

All the best to A Pro!
Melissa Harrelson

-- Melissa H

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