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Our 2yr old started with A Giants Preschool in December. We cannot say enough good things about Tomika and her team. They made our transition smooth, and have been very communicative with our toddler’s development. We have seen so much improvement in 4 short months with speech, behavior, and overall development! In these strange times of COVID we have also felt very comfortable and safe with their cleanliness and precautions each day. We love going to school every day to learn and see our friends! 10/10 would recommend A Giants to anyone!

Melissa Conrad gave A Giants Preschool a 5 star Review on Facebook

That your child will be taught well love and care for very well.they will have a fun loving experience at A Giants Preschool. Check them out if you need child care.

Alice Marshall gave A Giants Preschool a 5 star Review on Facebook
Bethany Rohrer Fisher gave A Giants Preschool a 5 star Review on Facebook
Bethany Fisher gave A Giants Preschool a 5 star Review on Facebook
Rodney Totten gave A Giants Preschool a 5 star Review on Facebook
Tomika Robertson gave A Giants Preschool a 5 star Review on Facebook

I worked for Ms Tomika for almost 2 years and being there was my stepping stone into early childhood development. I started with little to no experience and Ms Tomika took me under her wing and taught me so much about helping children grow, and it brought out a passion for childhood development. The environment is amazing, having a mixed age group really makes you step outside the box in terms of teaching children. Despite it being an in home, it is probably the most professional school you can send you child to. There’s things everywhere for children to constantly be stimulated without it being overwhelming, and it was such a nurturing environment that I brought my little brother in to be part of that. It was his first time being enrolled in a preschool and I couldn’t have chosen a better school, once he became full time we could see immediate changes in his behavior and development. Going here really prepared him for Kindergarten, and I’m grateful for that. After I left A Giants Preschool, my standards for working were very high since this school was such a high quality environment. I ended up working at a bigger preschool and the atmosphere couldn’t compare to this school. There was definitely a lack of professionalism, and a lot of flaws due to the owner not really being passionate about childcare. It really made me miss working here because Ms Tomika is just as passionate about early childhood development as I am, and I loved the ideologies instilled at this school. A very high quality school, not only for work but for children to be at.

Jay Dott gave A Giants Preschool a 5 star review

Our son had a blast at Giants Preschool! The outdoor space is second to none! A kids dream play area! The staff is super caring, professional and credentialed. I was very pleased with all Of the safety precautions/protocols That were in place while my son was in attendance. I am so grateful that Giants could help provide care for my son while my husband and I were working during the course of the pandemic. They use the Brightwheel app which is super user friendly... the best part is that they almost always respond RIGHT away when you want to check on your little one. 2 thumbs up!!!

Ashley Brigham gave A Giants Preschool a 5 star review

A Giants Preschool has always been a very safe, warm, and welcoming place for our son. Having attended since he was 3month old, the staff continues to nurture his growth and development. When COVID happened in the spring, we were still in need of care for our children as things began to open. Tomika and her team continue to take all the necessary precautions and follow both county and state mandated regulations to ensure the health and safety of our child. We feel lucky to have them to depend on during these trying times!

Sarah & Matt Phelan gave A Giants Preschool a 5 star review

We’ve been going to AGP since September 2018, and have had a wonderful experience sending our little one to daycare and preschool here. I was initially drawn to this particular center due to the small class sizes, student-to-teacher ratio, and the phenomenal teaching credentials of the owner, Mrs. Tomika Robertson. This school has all of the certifications of a larger learning center, with the “feel” of an in-home daycare/preschool. As essential employees, my husband and I were still expected to report to work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Being able to send our son to a clean, safe, learning environment, in order to keep some semblance of normalcy and socialization during these unprecedented times, was a small comfort amongst the many fears we faced as working parents in the midst of a full-blown pandemic. The staff at A Giant’s Preschool implemented many new safety and precautionary procedures as a response to COVID-19, such as requiring parents to wear masks prior to entering the gate and providers to wear masks and gloves while working, temperature checks on each child prior to being admitted in to the classroom, and extra cleaning and sanitizing measures. The center also rearranged the main entry way to limit the flow of unnecessary foot-traffic. Additionally, a hand-washing station was added to the main floor, where children were required to wash their hands immediately upon entering the center. As an extra precaution, any family that traveled out-of-state was required to obtain COVID-19 testing and submit a negative result, prior to returning to the center. Needless to say, we are very happy with the exceptional care and the quality of learning our son receives on a daily basis. We highly recommend this establishment and feel that our little one is truly cared for as a part of the AGP “family.”

Caitlin Jones gave A Giants Preschool a 5 star review

Wonderful, caring staff who genuinely love children and go to infinity and beyond to ensure that our little one is learning, playing and growing in a safe, supportive and creative atmosphere. We love the homey and personalized care our daughter gets with A Giants Preschool especially after having a rough experience at a local daycare center. Tomika Robertson and her crew are experienced, professional and incredibly kind and loving. So happy we got a spot here!

Caitrin Martin gave A Giants Preschool a 5 star review

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