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Average: 5 out of 5 Stars


We implemented So Tell Us on Monday and we got 38 reviews this week! All we did was put the So Tell Us App on our iPad at the front desk and we started asking patients as they left to leave us a 5-Star review. Worked like a charm!... See More


We attended the online review webinar with the host SoTellUs. We signed up by the end of the webinar and have loved it already. The SoTellUs system pulls our positive reviews from Facebook Google and Yelp on to our website where we've created a page to display our SoTellUs positive reviews. We also ... See More


Very useful app. Love video review option... See More


What a fabulous app! Cant wait to share with my associates👍👍... See More


This seminar was essential for my business I am definitely going to by using your services. I am sooooooo excited you presented to us, thank you!!!... See More


Love Troy! He's great!!!... See More


Love this service... See More


This is my favorite video review system, PERIOD. IF you only get ONE EXTRA client per month what would that be worth. Nothing should stop you and the Howard family is the best in the business.
... See More


Outstanding customer review system!... See More


Love the video review service ... See More

We use SOTELLUS to capture reviews from our customers. Very easy to use and low cost for the value!

Benjamin Swartz gave SoTellUs a 5 star review

SoTellUs is a great new start up that let's people rate a company using video. They are sure to be the thought leaders for their industry! Don't Take my word for it... Try it yourself!

Darrell Ellens gave SoTellUs a 5 star review

SoTellUs is an amazing review application that gives authentic feedback from real customers. Love the fact your customer can communicate effortlessly on video to share their experience!

Ken Rochon gave SoTellUs a 5 star review

Best review solution hands down...I am super excited about what this company has done for my business is such a short period of time of using their solution. Must have

Oasiris K Yates gave SoTellUs a 5 star review

I love everything about SoTellUs! I strongly recommend it to any business owner looking for a way to collect and share client testimonials quickly and easily. Amazing product!!

Samantha Phillips gave SoTellUs a 5 star review

If you are looking for more clients or customers at the same time upgrade their experience and your results, you gotta check out SoTellUs a 5-Star Review Service Company. Highly recommend other to also benefit from their service. If you care about your customers, this will be perfect for you! The only thing you will wonder is where this has been my whole life

Eric Chong gave SoTellUs a 5 star review

Sotellus has helped put a process around reviews that we can implement quickly and it doesn't take a lot of time for us to keep it updated and moving. I would recommend sotellus to anyone who wants to keep their business moving forward through the power of social proof.

Justin Stephens gave SoTellUs a 5 star review

If you want reviews that create social proof that you are committed to being the best and providing the best service, this is the app that does it all. The Umbrella Syndicate encourages everyone at events to take the time to get the review that shows your commitment to excellence.

Ken Rochon gave SoTellUs a 5 star review
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