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87 E. Hopkins Rd
Gilbert, AZ 85295
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This popcorn was so amazing 😍 We're having an event in September and I ordered some a few weeks early to try two flavors: regular and churro and both are amazing! 💕 He also gave me a bag of movie popcorn 🍿 and it was so good too! Now instead of just ordering regular kettlecorn, we're going ... See More


The popcorn was delicious! I text to order and had a pick up date. We did not set a time but the website had a window for pick up times so I just thought you come in that time frame. No one answered the door or when I called the number. She later text me and we set a pick up time as she had worked an emergency shift and didn't hear me at the door. She gave me an extra bag for the inconvenience which was so nice! Kind of felt like it was my fault too since we didn't set a time but she was so sweet about it! Will buy again and the popcorn was so fresh. Great service and priced well!

Jayden F
Gilbert Kettle Corn Replied: Thank you so much Jayden!!! We look forward to seeing you again!

They have the best kettle corn you can get anywhere.

Phil Johnson
Gilbert Kettle Corn Replied: Thank you Phil! We've worked hard to make it the best!!
William C

Not only do they have fantastic popcorn, they provide excellent customer service! I found myself in a bit of a jam this week and they went above and beyond to help me out, which I really appreciated.
Great popcorn variety at a great price and there’s nothing like supporting a family owned business.
Highly recommend!!

Tiffany Morcomb

This is literally the best popcorn I've ever had! I found it at the sassy boutique last night and started eating it when I got home while I was watching TV with my husband. Before I knew it we had eaten the entire bag and still wanted more! This was the Christmas colored one, and we were going to sa... See More


THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING KETTLE CORN!!! Found the Kettle Corn signs on Queen Creek Rd and followed them to a boutique that was selling it. I came for the popcorn but wound up with a Christmas present too! I might have to go back tomorrow for more of the popcorn flavors!


I FREAKING LOVE THIS KETTLE CORN! I found it at a boutique at the San Tan Village and bought a little cup of kettle corn and started eating it in my car on my way home and it was gone before I got there! Been back a few times and now buy the bigger bags! I just tried the churro and the caramel+chedd... See More


Gilbert Kettle Corn is AMAZING! We have been using them for the past two years, since we first used them for our wedding! They created yellow and red kettle corn for my son's 3rd Cars birthday theme.... It is tradition to order from them in October at least once!! They have the best customer service!! Thank you guys!!

Brianna Orlowski

This is the best kettle corn I’ve ever had. After the first time I had it, I couldn’t get my mind off of it and had to get more.


34 weeks pregnant, and I woke up craving kettle corn!! Gilbert Kettle Corn did not disappoint!!!! Picked up a fresh bag that night! Craving satisfied!!! One happy momma and baby!!!

Jaleesa Cothrun

34 weeks pregnant, and I woke up craving kettle corn!! Gilbert Kettle Corn did not disappoint!!!! Picked up a fresh bag that night! Craving satisfied!!! One happy momma and baby!!!


had our quinceañera party and did churro flavor and special blue color for my girl. Everyone loved it!!!! IT'S SOOO GOOOOD

Rosa Buelna

We had some kettle corn from a popular food truck this last weekend, but it was just ok, it wasn't great... We wanted better, and we found Gilbert kettle corn and saw the great reviews, so we ordered and picked up a medium bag the next day. It's the best kettle corn we've ever had! But that medium b... See More


BEST KETTLE CORN EVER! We've been eating Gilbert kettle corn for at least 4 years now, loving each handful that we've scarfed down! My wife and I share a large bag, taking turns while watching our shows and we always start out just a few pieces at a time. Then by about halfway through the bag we tu... See More


My friend gifted me a few of the cups of this kettle corn that she got at a boutique in the Gilbert mall. The churro flavor is amazing and super addicting! The kettle corn is the best I've ever had!


I was gifted a bag of this kettle corn and it's completely amazing. For years I've claimed I don't like kettle corn, but after eating this I've realized it's because I'd never actually had GOOD kettle corn. By far the best I've ever tasted (and I've always at least tried it every time I'd been offered it). I ordered 2 more bags and we tried the churro flavor also (which might be my new favorite!) They're so good! Can't wait to try out some of the other flavors!

Nicole Wagner
Gilbert Kettle Corn Replied: Thank you Nicole for the nice review! We will see you again soon!

I've never liked kettle corn, but this is absolutely fantastic! I ordered a bag of the movie popcorn, and when I picked it up Rick asked me if I had ever tried his kettle corn and offered me a free small bag to try. I was blown away! The whole world needs to know how amazing this is!


OH MY GAWSH! THIS IS AMAZING KETTLE CORN! I found it at the Sip N Shop boutique and they gave me a sample and it was perfectly yummy! I bought a bag and brought it home and my husband and I devoured it! He asked me why I only bought one bag? Haha. I'll guess head back to the store this weekend just... See More


We got a bunch of kettle corn for my son's spiderman themed birthday party 🎂 and we all loved this popcorn🍿! They popped us a red and blue mix to match the spiderman colors! So cute! And a side note - it's probably the best kettle corn I've ever had! Thank you!


I have enjoyed this popcorn for several years, but I think its better now than it was a few years ago! Is that possible? You should definitely try it out!


This the BEST kettle corn I've ever had! I've been in the mood for it for a few weeks and found them on Google Maps! They popped it for me on Tuesday night and my bag was gone by the next afternoon! I need more, ordering right now for Saturday pickup! 😍 Thank you again!


The patriotic kettle corn is so pretty and very tasty! We got two bags for our upcoming 4th of July trip, and we accidentally ate one entire bag before the trip started! Oops! My family has loved this kettle corn for over 3 years now, and we will keep ordering every few months when we need our fix!


I love this kettlecorn! I love that when I'm in the mood for it, I can get it fresh anytime I want. Thank you for popping last minute for me!


Holy crap! This churro popcorn is AMAZING and won't last long!


Perfectly sweet & salty Kettle Corn! Without a doubt, the best kettle corn I've ever had!


Wow! Honestly, wow! Best kettle corn!


It is an awesome place! And the people there are even better!!! I definitely recommend it. The popcorn is soo good!

Hunter Beus
Gilbert Kettle Corn Replied: Thank you Hunter for coming by tonight!

BEST KETTLE CORN EVER! 🍿 The reviews are no joke, this is the best kettle corn I've ever had! I didn't even order ahead of time, I texted them and they had a few fresh bags ready! Only 5 minutes after reading the reviews I was enjoying my own bag! I probably should have got two bags because I've ... See More


this was the best kettle corn i ever had. it melts in your mouth, the balance of sweet and salty is beyond perfect. everything was amazing about it. definitely gonna be a returning customer

Noah Lobe

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