Deals on wheels

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1800 west Broadway
Missoula, Mt 59808

My experience at Deals on Wheels was incredible. I'm someone with terrible credit who has been turned down by most dealerships in town. Even tho I didn't show up with a appointment, they welcomed me anyway and showed me around the lot. Nick Rheault was very welcoming and anwseres any question we had... See More

Fast, easy and friendly. Got there around 1:30pm, found the car i wanted, did a test drive then paperwork to get approved, got over an hour with the car alone, drove it for a bit had a mechanic check it over got the okay, went back to the dealership, got approved and finished up paperwork then out the door with the keys to my new car around 4pm'ish. All done within a couple hours. Very pleased. Thank you!

david dutton gave Deals On Wheels a 5 star review

At first we struggled with the service we got here. Definitely had it's down sides. But as the financing went on for over a year the car motor blew and had to be replaced. They helped us get this repaired as we did not have the money. We got into a few rough patches as people do and they were extremely helpful and forgiving. Of course this would not happen if we weren't religious on payments. But I do have to say after the rough start with Deals on Wheels I am impressed with their willingness to help you out in a rough patch or two. My one star is now a 4 because of this.

Madison Johnshoy gave Deals On Wheels a 4 star review

I am so grateful for Deals on Wheels!!!!!! The staff is amazing, understanding, and real! They're not some sleazy car salesmen trying to make a buck off you. They've been absolutely amazing to my husband and I. We were in a minor accident, and my insurance wouldn't cover the tow. So Deals on Wheels covered it so our *only* vehicle wouldn't be impounded. That's 3 kids who can still get to school and back safely, my husband and I can get to work and back safely...all because Deals on Wheels was willing to work it out with us and help us in our time of need, because they understand. That's TWICE now this place has saved our bacon. I recommend this place to anyone and everyone. This place is amazing, and has been a true lifesaver for my family and I. Keep up the amazing work guys 💜 What you do makes a *HUGE* difference in the lives of struggling little families who are just doing their best!

Larissa Main gave Deals On Wheels a 5 star review

Cars are a little over priced but the staff are awesome and really help you out when you need it. The salesman Steve still texts me and makes sure we are still happy with our vehicle even after we have had the car for 2-3 months later. That kind of customer service will make me come back.

Pagan Daniel gave Deals On Wheels a 4 star review

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