Reviews: 64

Average: 5 out of 5 Stars

300 N LaSalle St, Suite 4925
Chicago, IL 60654
United States

Maria was an amazing DJ. Loved every song she played. Good MC as well.... See More


Maria is a great DJ! She's able to create the right atmosphere and to connect with the audience. Don't miss her gigs!... See More

The best DJ!!! She will guide you along the day or night and give you the musical experience of your life leading you to achieve your dreams in sound. Believe me after you listen to her you will understand⭐️

Jeremiah Knight gave IDJMM a 5 star review

Following Maria DJing around the world is great! I love seeing her set the mood and get people happy. I am always one of the first ones up dancing, and like watching the faces of people as they have fun to her music. She is always obviously having fun herself up there, smiling and connecting with the audience and getting into the beat. Highly recommended to go see her in whatever city you find her.

Alistair Cockburn gave IDJMM a 5 star review

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