Bed Bug Exterminator Pros

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Average: 5 out of 5 Stars


Great, and a relief! I recently had bed bugs in my apartment, and needless to say, that was a very stressful and gross time. These guys made it much less stressful. I got a free quote which was simple, straightforward, and was fair and reasonable. We scheduled a date and they sent two detail ori... See More


Very professional. Friendly customer service Helpful regarding what particular pest services are needed based on the problem identified. Also very accommodating for scheduling appointments and follow up appointments. My husband and I are pleased!... See More


Jack did a great job and was very thorough and informative.... See More


Love these Guys! I've had them for years. They are friendly, professional and get the job done. I highly recommend them!... See More


If you suspect bedbugs, be sure to start with these guys. You can't beat Keith - kind and honest fellow overall. Always willing to answer your questions.... See More


I had serious problem of bed bugs, contacted some professional for help. so far after three months i dont have the same problem of bed bugs.... See More


One of my friend ( Jerry) refer me to use this company for pest control services . The service i got was exceptionally good and the way the follow up was great.... See More


5 Star service, friendly, knowledgeable, and will walk you through the entire experience.... See More


We were very upset at the prospect of having a bed bug infestation. Jerry was highly competent and a very nice person as well.... See More


The gentleman on the phone explained that we probably have bed bugs in more rooms than we thought based on what we told him. The guy who came to do the work found a few in our couch - we were not sure where to look. They serviced our home, and gave us information so we would be able to keep ourselve... See More


We had just finished renovating when my daughter woke up with bites. It was horrific - one night of knowing the bugs were in the house was too much!!! They came right away first thing in the morning and by that night, we were able to calm down and sleep again. A huge Thanks to Jerry and his crew!... See More


I hired a crew to come and treat my three storey house. They even went into the basement, which I did not expect to be certain there was no evidence of bed bugs there. Really good work. I would give them a good reference.... See More


No more bed bugs = peace and sleep. They get the top rating.... See More


The only thing worse than mice in the house is bed bugs there is absolutely nothing worse to make your skin crawl. They came they saw they conquered. Landlord chose the best company. ... See More


They took care of the bed bugs in our 100 year old home. They knew where to look and how to treat our home with respect. I liked that. Good men.... See More


Great technicians and good work.... See More


Services performed in a satisfactory and timely manner as promised. Bed bugs are gone.... See More


Excellent and reliable. Definitely recommend their bed bug service.... See More


Brad provides a professional and personable experience.... See More


Finding bed beg feces on my mattress wasn't pleasant. After calling the exterminator pros I was assured that the problem would be solved. Happy I called them. I recommend.... See More


I tried to solve the problem myself without success. I called the exterminator pros and they were able to identify, treat and solve the problem of bed bugs in my house. Its been seven months of no bites or sign of them. I recommend. ... See More


fast.professional.friendly and affordable. thanks again.... See More


Awesome service! Mike came over the same day I called and helped us out. He was very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend his service!... See More


moved into a rental property to find bed bug feces on the wall. I called the bed bug exterminator pros to solve the problem for me. after two treatments, problem solved. thank you peter for a job well done.... See More


finally the nightmare has ended. thank you Joe for solving my bed bug problem. ... See More


John and his team are very professional and reliable. His service was effective, quick and with a smile! We trusted him with our newly bough home, and we were able to confidently rent it to our tenants after the bed bug service. We would trust the bed bug exterminator pros in the future with any pes... See More


excellent work. after two treatments, the bed bugs are gone. thank you Mike.... See More


My son's apartment became infested with bed bugs. I called the exterminator pros to get rid of the bed bugs. Exterminator Pros responded before all other companies I called. I was able to make an app't promptly within a couple of days. The man who came to spray was very professional and sprayed the ... See More


fantastic service. glad to be rid of my bed bug problem. thanks again.... See More


We have been experiencing bites for few weeks but could not figure out the real cause, called exterminator pros and their technician John came for service. He found two live bed Bugs during the service call. Anyways we went through the whole treatment process , 1st treatment and then 2nd treatment r... See More


Sam is very detail oriented. He explained to me the whole process and did a great job. We didn't have any bites after his first treatment. He came back today after two weeks and did another treatment. He is very professional and we are very happy with his work. Thank you!... See More


I brought bed bugs home from my vacation. While it appeared worse than I thought, I called in the experts at exterminator pros. They arrived the next day on time and professional. The bed bugs were no match to them but I opted to stay at my parents until both treatments were completed. It's been 5 m... See More

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