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I loved Queen of the Kingdom. First of all I came alone, but never felt alone. Everyone I sat next to were so warm and welcoming and we always connected. And, oh, the hugs after the singing to each other, Wow, so awesome! I came to the event with a question and I didn't even have to ask it. Someone else did and I got the answer I was needing, about how to stay motivated to keep using the tools and techniques taught at the class. If I fail, I can just forgive myself and start over. This is so huge for me. Thank you so much! I also loved that you can change and improve one simple step at a time. I have always seen the whole elephant and not just the bite at at a time and that was overwhelming to me. Now I feel I can accomplish more by taking one step at a time. I did start a list of things I want to change, I am not going to try to do everything at once. The other huge thing I learned was about my body. I had begun to feel that I had to learn to control my body and not let my body control me. But now I know that this is a partnership and that we will do all the improving together. I have already heard my body telling me things not to do. Wow, this is really amazing. I love being a team with my body, instead of fighting with it. I now feel that I can love my body, even with all the jiggley parts. Another golden nugget I loved was, " You don't like myself, because I am not being myself". I have been doing this too long and it's time to just be me! Especially because now I know "I am light!" and I need to let my light shine to encourage others to let their light shine! I love you, Kim! You are so inspired and we all felt the love you have for us with that last experience at the end when you said there was the white gold sparley, iridescent light coming from your heart to mine and each of us. I saw that light in my mind and saw it going to every one of us in the room so that we were all connected to each other as well as you. It was so beautiful! I was not the only one who saw this. Others around me expressed that they had envisioned it as well. I will never forget it. I have seen this in my mind to the point that I feel it for all my "sisters"! You have my deep gratitude!

-- Becky E

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