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My husband, John and I attended Master Your Influence and found it to be extremely rewarding and very, very useful! I had attended this class last year and was familiar with the material but was thrilled when Kirk asked if we’d like more information on working with our vision boards to which the class members gave a hardy – YES!

We are 72 years old and I have spent the past 30 years taking classes in energy work, brain enhancement/research, self-help/improvement, and many others and even though I have shared some of the information I’ve learned with John he has never shown an interest in those things until Kirk Duncan entered the scene!

We will have been married 50 years this August, raised 5 amazing children, are grandparents to 24 and great grandparents to 7 and have had a pretty decent relationship but I wanted I knew there was room for improvement. When I heard of Royalty and Romance I hesitantly asked John if he would be willing to go and to my great surprise he said YES! I was ecstatic. I have learned, from attending Kirk’s workshops, that when you present information that relates to the language most people use you can teach them things that they would normally consider “woo woo” – too weird for them.

I signed us up and, as you all know who have attended any of Kirk’s workshops, John was captivated. It’s the first time in over 56 years of knowing each other that John and I can have conversations on subjects that I have been passionate about most of my life. I relish sitting in Kirk’s workshops when he teaches information that I’ve known for a decade or more and know that my husband finally accepts what I’ve been saying because he has come to trust Kirk and can be open to receiving that information the way Kirk presents it.

Two of our married children have taken Royalty and Romance with one coming up and have raved about what they learned. Two are signed up for Master Your Influence. We are thrilled to have such life-changing tools to talk with our children about. On Mothers Day when we had our children visiting, we were able to share with them the hand clearing process and told another about having everyone in their family draw themselves and trace their hands and we would tell them about what’s going on in each person’s mind. It’s so exciting to have tools to share with our children and grandchildren that will enlighten and enrich their lives!

A huge thank you to all who have come together to create these experiences for us and I look forward to attending more workshops with John in the future!

Valerie Telford

-- Valerie T

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