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I was given a scholarship by a good friend to attend The Art of Mentoring July 2017. I really enjoyed the content that was taught in the class, even the vision board information. Right away I created a vision board and looked at it every day. One of the items on my vision board was to spend time in the Swiss Alps running and hiking. My husband and I were planning to do a trip to Switzerland earlier this year, but finances didn't line up to go by the end of the year. So, we had planned to do the trip in 2018. However, on August 30, I won confirmed tickets on Virgin Atlantic from Las Vegas direct to London. I knew this was our chance to go to Switzerland. The tickets had to be used by the end of the year. I had already planned to take PTO from work mid-September, so I called Virgin Atlantic right away. They did not have any available space for the dates we needed. I called back the next day, still no space, three days later no space available. A week later, still no space. I was to start my PTO on Friday September 15, on Tuesday, September 12, I called Virgin Atlantic they had space available! By Thursday, September 14 we were enroute to Las Vegas to catch our flight. The trip was amazing! We were able to travel throughout the Western areas of Switzerland, see the Matterhorn, and hike around the surrounding areas of Zermatt. I know that through my persistence of looking at my vision board this was possible.

After attending the Art of Mentoring, I continued my training by enrolling in The Elite. I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I signed up, and didn't realize the commitment level I needed. The Elite was very powerful in giving me further tools and techniques to use, along with helping me find my identity and voice. I now have mentoring clients of my own that I am helping to improve and upgrade their life. As I was going through The Elite program, I started to see changes in my own home. My husband began to help around the house more, dishes were getting done, clutter was getting picked up daily, and we both started to wake up earlier to take advantage of the creative time that happens early in the morning. I am more alert and present during the day. I don't get as stressed out about projects at work. I am able to stay more clam and productive in my life.

Finally, I just recently finished attend Master Your Influence. I really enjoyed learning more about my vision board and the power of positive statements and declarations. I enjoyed the exercises of drawing my image, my hand print, and tracking eye movement to see what they mean in my life. I really enjoyed learning about body language. That information is going to be very valuable as I continue my training and teaching others.

Thank you 3 Keys for providing just valuable training for all levels. Thank you for inspiring my friend to provide me a scholarship to The Art of Mentoring. I know it was what needed to happen in my life.

-- Melissa L

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