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I'm really glad I attended Kim's Queen of the Kingdom seminar in Salt Lake City on July 14-15, 2017. I was invited by my sister, JoAnn Davis, and had some very wonderful experiences with her at this event. We are closer than ever now. I also gained some insights about myself that I might never have had anywhere else. I'm glad that JoAnn was able to get our tickets for $18 each, because I wouldn't have wanted to pay much more than that for an event where so much of the time was spent being an audience to advertisements for further events. Additionally, I wish that the event leaned less toward specifically LDS verbage and quoted fewer LDS leaders - especially Meg Johnson's presentation. While I am active LDS and appreciated Meg Johnson's contribution more than any other part of the event, my sister was a bit turned off and will not invite our other sister to attend Queen of the Kingdom because she would definitely be offended. Also, I realize that these events are promoted as educational opportunities and therefore presenters are viewed as teachers or trainers and audience members are deemed students. However, I think it'd be more powerful to use phrases such as, "I'd like to share __________ because it has helped me in my life" instead of "I'm going to teach you ___________". Being told that someone is going to teach me something infers that I am ignorant and have no experience or intelligence of my own, and that I am completely dependent on one who "knows all". Please don't misunderstand. I'm not trying to find fault. I'm only sharing these insights and constructive criticism because I think this program has the potential to become even more powerful than it is now.

-- Jayel K

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