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Wow! I just came home from attending my last day of Queen of Kingdom! It was an amazing experience it showed me how to love my body for all that it does for me. I am thankful for my body and all that it has done for me and all that it has gone through with me. Also, Glorious Kim showed me that the traits I see in others can not be seen with out being in me first so those people I look up to that are so awesome and smart and their traits seem so far out of reach, those traits are in me! I just have to accept it and let my true self out with out thinking about what other people may think, because the only opinion that matters is mine; unless someone says something good about me. :) Ever since I started attending 3 Key element classes in May of this year I have changed tremendously.. I knew what I had to do before because I study my faults I just didn't know how to go about changing to who I wanted to be and this wonderful company has guided me on my way to success and beauty with out me having to fail on my own path alone. Thank you for showing me the "short cut". Kim and Kirk Duncan are on such a beautiful mission. I love you both and I am super grateful for you and your team!!! Thank you for being so amazing and Divine!

-- Marisol N

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