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What a wonderful event! As an art director, translating script into storytelling visuals requires similar methodology and considerations so the exercises and points Kirk brought up really resonated with me. It was enlightening to see familiar principles applied to personal development in such a rich way. It also showed me just how much I had yet to understand about the driving forces behind verbal and nonverbal communication. I'm excited to embrace the application and really face the things that are holding me back personally and professionally. It may seem crazy fast, but my relationships have already improved as I've felt more motivated and at peace with being direct and being present in the moment. As for work, my ability to more actively observe myself and others has clarified and improved my design process. And after the second day, I was making an effort to be use more positive body language and, as a result, I met a new connection at the train station that ended up fulfilling the goal I had created for the vision board.

They were a long and intense 3 days, but they were worth it. I truly respect the hard work and effort that went into simplifying the content. And despite my introverted personality, I appreciated the workshopping that broke me out of my comfort zone before I had time to forget or become complacent with the information. Thanks to the whole team!

-- JessieKate P

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