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I originally went to the Master Your Influence seminar because my wife wanted me to go. I really didn't want to be there. The heel marks in the lobby, those are mine. Sitting through the first day, I realized I wanted to be there. I needed to be there. Then, I couldn't be there. I was only able to get off the first part of the morning of Thursday. I had to work Thursday night, all day Friday and Saturday afternoon. My wife told me about declarations while I drove from my morning job to my afternoon job, I gave her a ride back to the conference.

In part to be funny, I was exiting the parking garage with her in the passenger seat, I yelled, "I'M A HAPPY PERSON!" She jumped. laughed, and told me to yell again. And again. After she finished the rest of the Friday conference, she called me to tell me about the rest of the Friday session. When I answered my phone, she asked me what was wrong with my voice. I sounded like Batman. I simply responded with "I'm a happy person."

I went to the grocery last night, head up, chin out, being a happy person, and the grocery clerk smiled and asked me about my day. I simply said it was a good day. He commented on how happy I looked. That much happened in half a Thursday and half a Saturday. Holy crap, I'll see you in November to get it all.

Kirk Duncan, I gave you heel marks in your lobby... YOU helped me change my family tree. The Frost coat of arms has a lot of black in it. Black means despair. I am going to redraw my coat of arms because that is what happened.

-- Allen F

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