3 Key Elements

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gave 3 Key Elements 5 stars


Royalty and Romance was my first life changing experience with 3 Key Elements. Learning about slaying dragons, the necessity of connecting with my husband, the difference between masculine and feminine energy, and the power of positive thought and words has sped up my life's progression by probably 20 years. I have had huge dreams and have always believed they are attainable, but I never had the guidance or tools I needed to get there. Now I have them. When I say my progression was sped up by 20 years, I had this idea in my head that 20 years from now all my dreams would come true, thanks to some work and time. Now I know that if I put effort towards my dreams I can have them now. I don't need to wait to be happy, I can have all the happiness I want right now. I can hardly wait for my next 3 Key event! I'm ready to grow more!

-- Adrianne E

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