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My daughter gave me the ticket and I attended my first Queen of the Kingdom Event this last weekend. I was overjoyed with the feeling I had when I left. Kim made me feel like I was totally worth it, worth everything. I have struggled with loving myself, but was able to always put others wants and needs in front of mine. I have had some experiences in the past year that have made me really take a step back and look at how I was doing things and how it was influencing others. I was underwhelmed to say the least. I know that I have a greater potential than what I have been living up to. I look forward to the changes that I am making. I am not perfect, but as long as I am progressing towards that, I am happy. I expect that I will probably slip a little along the way, but as I go back and implement the things that Kim taught, I will bring myself back on the right path. Change is hard and I can do hard things. I have proven it this last year. Thanks Kim and 3KeyElements. I look forward to more training.

-- Lesta H

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