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I am a very spiritual prayerful person and for quite sometime I have been struggling in many different areas of my life, slowly climbing out of the rut I have been in, but I just can't seem to get out . I have had those feelings of being stuck for years. Lately I have felt that there is something right there in front of me but I just can't quite reach it or put my finger on it or see it clearly. I have been specifically praying, with real intent, for help to have wisdom and order in my mind, wisdom and order in my life. I have been praying for tools. I have a deep desire to learn to grow and to change and to be useful while here on this earth. I know there is more I can do for my marriage, my family and others. I have a great desire to serve and help others. I have struggled my whole life with my own self confidence. I was horrible to my self as a kid, teen and beginning to mid years of my marriage. No one really knew my insecurities from the outside, maybe a little cause I was a little shy, but I was not good to me on the inside. I have been on a long journey to change . After years of marriage I was came upon oils, then energy work with positive affirmations with got me turned in the right direction, then muscle testing in irridology to help me keep healthy and my family and not so dependent on Doctors (which I still look to them when needed), these have blessed my life and my families life . I love and believe in all these things. I thought maybe one of these would be my fit and I would go onto help others this way, but nothing really seemed to resonate with me, yet. I have a friend close by who shared some things with me about Kirk Duncan. So I decided to you-tube him and see what he was about. I clicked on one of his videos on line and I really connected with what he was saying. First, I love how he teaches and it is exactly how I learn. Second, He is very spiritual and I connected well with him there. Then he repeats and is clear, he keeps things simple and understandable. From there I listened to whatever I could find that he taught. Then through my consistent prayers things fell into place and I was able to come and I was able to bring with me my spouse, shockingly he came, he learned and was glad he came. I loved every minute of it. My mind is overflowing with information, I love it! I have to now get my life in order and I now feel like I have more wisdom, more order and some great tools to get going on and progress. I love his saying "Practice Makes Progress" and "See it, Feel it, Do it". I desire higher learning and this to me is higher learning. I have some great opportunities to come back to more classes and I am going to take full advantage of the opportunity. I now have to get into practice what i learned. He is very in tune to life and people. I want to be like that. He is very generous giver with a mission and its a great one. I am grateful for the opportunity to have come and participate along with my husband who wasn't really thrilled to come but in the end heard many truths being taught and was enlightened. He and I needed this (individually and together) more than you will ever know.

-- Amanda P

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