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I really enjoyed doing this course. I have done lots of personal growth seminars, but back in the 80s, out of all the courses I have done, this one was my favorite because I found the facilitator to be the most authentic. Also, I really believe he walks the talk. So this course for me was both a refresher course and of course I heard things I have not heard before. I knew about negative self talk, but I didn't realize that I play the blame game. You were first introduced to me because you were a keynote speaker at the Afortus convention. I was new with the Afortus group, and checking out their level of integrity at the convention. You gave us a couple of CD's, anchors away and the buffer. once I listened to them, I realized that I was creating my own grief in life. Especially with traffic. I called into the car all the people that were on the road at the same time as myself and apologized to them for my bad behavior. Wow, was the car ever crowded! I am so grateful to you for following your path and showing us all how easy it is to be open and honest. I know that you are right about helping others. in 2012, my best friend was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and she ran out of money very quickly. I parked my insurance business and moved in with her to be her caregiver. It was without a doubt the hardest thing I have ever done, but after I settled her estate, my business took off. I had the most success I have ever had in sales, and I have been in sales for over 30 years. WOW! I did it because she needed me, not realizing that I was actually helping myself. I want to do the Present yourself training, the deal you offered us was good, especially the one with two people. I could not find a second person to take that one, and I just spent over $2000 on advertising, that coupled with the cost to do Master your influence took me down to my limit. while the course was free to me and my manager, we still spent a lot to be there, If you come up with another good deal, please let me know, I know she wont let me do it alone. when I told her I was doing Master your influence, she said me too!! In the meantime, I bought of your CD programs, and got 1 free. I will be back. you rocked my world. REALLY!!

-- Patricia E

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