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Kirk Duncan is a master storyteller, and is able to present material in an entertaining way. I can easily witness his authenticity and real desire to help others. I appreciate that although he is a religious man, he can appeal to those who are not. Between the first MYI I attended and May 2017 it is apparent that Kirk has refined his message and presentation, and I don't feel like I am being lectured about church or god as much as the first time. I appreciate his universal language of a higher power or higher consciousness, so that I can refer him to all my family and friends, regardless of their religious, political or spiritual affiliation (I've had some negative experiences with other trainings in the past). In my three times I have attended MYI, I have supported four others in attending this great training. And each time, although the content is the same or similar, he has some new stories and new research and new things to emphasize. I loved the livestream on facebook in the evenings, since I was not able to stay that long, and had to be home with family. That is also nice to be able to invite others to see that livestream as well. I also appreciate that most of the sales talks are on the last day, and aren't taking up as much training time or feeling as pushy as they did the first conference I attended. Your target audience will hear you without shoving. There is some kind of training for everyone with Kirk Duncan!
My complaint would be that there is a fee for changing the event ticket to another time, and that I can't sign up a whole year out (I plan on this being an annual training, if not sooner with others), so I have to deal with changing the dates later.
I am super grateful for this training, for Kirk's energy and enthusiasm, for him message of empowerment and optimism, and I will continue to share what I learned as well as encourage other to attend MYI as well. Thanks, Kirk (and team who makes it all happen)! You are a great light!

-- Kristen R

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