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I am SO grateful for how much 3KE has changed my life and direction. I have implemented just some of the techniques they taught me and have already seen dramatic improvements. I appreciate how they simplify these life-changing techniques into basic habits that are pretty easy to implement. I am excited to keep learning more!...

Rodney Beacham gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star Review on Google
3 Key Elements Replied: Thank you Rodney! That is super great that you are already seeing "dramatic" results and progress. Simple adjustments really can make huge improvements! Keep up the good work!

Outstanding teachers. It's fun, educational and entertaining! Thank kirk and kim!...

J-RODs Rich County Rat Rods Rust is a Must gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star Review on Google
3 Key Elements Replied: Wow! Thank you for 5-star review! We are glad that you are finding value and fun our trainings. Keep coming back - we are always innovating and adjusting to bring you the best engaging and educational value to match what the needs are. We look forward to you joining us again!

I have LOVED having Kirk as my personal mentor and group mentoring! I am continually amazed at his wealth of knowledge.

His online resources are wonderful as well. I’d highly recommend doing one of his group mentoring even just for the extensive library.

Kirk, Kim and their team go above and beyond to serve.

Everyone should have Kirk and Kim’s inspiration in their home....

Erica Petersen gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star Review on Google
3 Key Elements Replied: Erica, this is so tender. Thank you for the heartfelt recommendation. We do strive to provide valuable resources that will impact and inspire families all over the world. You keep up your good work, too! And we hope to see you again soon at one of our online events! :-)

I love how passionate Kirk is about the content he teaches. You can tell that he cares about the content he creates and wants to share his goodness with the world. I just finished taking “Present Yourself” and I fully loved it. I was a little worried about the conference being via webinar because of COVID-19 but it was even more amazing than I imagined. Thank you to the whole 3KE staff and Kim and Kirk for all the time, effort, and love you put into each one of your conferences! 💜...

Andrea Wilde gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star Review on Google
3 Key Elements Replied: Andrea, it has truly been our pleasure! Thank you for the heart warming review of our Present Yourself Online Webinars. We are thrilled that you felt the connection, love, and value we pour into each of our events, even in our new online format. Our number one rule is "Love the People!" Put into action what you've learned and keep sharing your message. Together we can make a difference in our communities, and in the world! Keep up the good work.

Wonderful Seminar. Brought me to tears at points. Kirk truly cares about who he is teaching and making sure that it is understood by those he is teaching it too.

He really knows his stuff. He is able to teach and change his presentation as the situation demands. He is a true professional.

He is the best presenter that I have even met....

Daniel Mott gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star Review on Google
3 Key Elements Replied: Daniel, thank you so much for your review. It means so much to us to hear the positive experiences you are having with 3 Key Elements and that you're enjoying the programs you're a part of. Hope to see you again soon! :)

Kirk Duncan's training is accessible, practical and potentially life changing. I'm familiar with several of the mentors/coaches in Utah and I've learned the most from Kirk and found his programs the most reasonably priced for the value. Like all mentors, Kirk's teachings build on the work of other self-improvement experts, but Kirk has a very generous amount of original content. It's a testament to the quality of his content that many mentors who charge more than Kirk does teach concepts Kirk developed. I highly...

Lynn Walker gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star Review on Google
3 Key Elements Replied: Thank you Lynn! Our goal here at 3 Key Elements, is to make a difference in the lives of those we can reach - in families, communities, and the world at large. Keeping our trainings reasonably priced allows so many more to get the information and training that can really change their lives. Simple steps and adjustments can make big dreams a reality. Thank you for your recommendation, and we look forward to seeing you in more of our online programs!

I love the teaching and the interaction with each person. It’s easy to understand and easy to complete the assignments! I would highly recommend 3 Key Elements to anyone!...

Jason Holt gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star Review on Google
3 Key Elements Replied: Thanks for the 5-star review and recommendation, Jason! Consistent, simple actions steps create big results. Keep up the good work.

AMAZING doesn't do it justice! A life changing course that delivers the tools I needed to break free from the shackles of my mind!...

Tom Grant gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star Review on Google
3 Key Elements Replied: This is what we love to hear, Tom. Thank you for sharing your life changing success. It does feel good to break free! Keep up the good work.

It has been two or three years since I went through the launch program as well as many of Kirk Duncan's other programs. They were life changing for me and I learned so much to help me stand up and not be afraid to succeed! I look fondly on those times and life is so crazy busy I often wonder how I fit it in, but it was well worth my time and Money. In the times we are living in we could use more positive and less negative. You will find ways to get the negative out of your life or shrink it considerably....

Layne Julander gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star Review on Google
3 Key Elements Replied: Absolutely - adding more positive is the key to standing up to fear and creating success! These are great take-away's Layne, that you for sharing them. We wish you the very best in your continued success. Keep up the good work you do.

I attended Present Yourself not long ago. On day 3, my being hungered for more of the incredible things Kirk was teaching. I hungered for more help to improve my life, more help to simply just feel better and be better, and to gain even a smidge of confidence that I've lacked for so long. Kirk discussed the Launch Program at this event and I knew it would be something I would regret not doing. I signed up and completed the Launch Program and my experience definitely is not one that I regret. I am grateful that...

Lindsey Eberhard gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star Review on Google
3 Key Elements Replied: Thank you Lindsey! You have shared some powerful gold nuggets here. Good job facing your fears and doing it anyway. That is super cool and super brave. Keep going on your journey, fulfilling your mission, and touching the lives and hearts of the people you influence. You are doing great work. Good job!
Westwind Wrestling gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star Rating on Google
3 Key Elements Replied: Thank you for your 5-star review! We are glad you found the value you were looking for.

Life Changing!
Every 3KE program I've been to uplevels my life! Kirk, Kim, and Ann teach universal principles AND how to apply the principles in your every day life.
Their missions and messages inspire me to the point of changing and acting on the information they share....

Lisa U. gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star Review on Google
3 Key Elements Replied: This is great Lisa! Small, consistent changes create a big impact in your life. Keep acting on your inspiration and keep up the good work.

Life Changing! I have always loved to teach but it was only after experiencing The Launch with Kirk Duncan that I found my voice! I am always getting compliments every time I speak. My love and conviction now shines through my words. I have confidence when I speak and my content is organized and methodical (and funny). Best of all – my audience is awake and enjoying every minute of it! If you want to rise above the common lecturer and become a Presenter capable of moving people to action, I suggest you do what I...

Benjamin Boekweg gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star Review on Google
3 Key Elements Replied: Benjamin, good work! That's awesome that you are able to take what you have learned in the trainings and classes you've taken and implemented the techniques so well! This is truly why we do what we do - to make a difference and teach others to do the same. Thank you for sharing your success and keep touching the hearts of the people.

I have spent most of my adult life learning and attending trainings from some of the best trainers around the country. I have to say that Kirk Duncan and the launch program had a significant impact on my life. Before I was introduced to 3 Key Elements I was very uncertain as to my life purpose and felt a low sense of personal value. After attending my first event I was hooked. I took all of the programs that 3 Key Elements offered and chose to apply what I learned. Because of Kirk Duncan and 3 Key Elements I am now...

Vicki Werner gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star Review on Google
3 Key Elements Replied: Vicki, this is awesome! Thank you for sharing your successes and how you've implemented what you are learning. You are super-smart to take what you learn and apply to your life. You are doing the work and getting great results. Taking consistent action pays off when you know how improve you mindset and skill set with incredible tools. Keep up the good work you're doing & making a positive impact in the world.

3 Key Elements is amazing. This is education all of us really need to know. Because it changes lives for the better. And impacts the lives of those in your life. This has changed my life. It’s opened me up to my gifts and helped me see clearly how I can share my gifts to help people too. The owners, the leaders, the community are the most incredible humans. These guys are the helpers....

need some milk? nsm gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star Review on Google
3 Key Elements Replied: This is so tender. We're glad that you have found value and education that has helped you...and in turn you are helping others. Thank you and continue paying it forward. You really can make a difference as you follow your inspiration and share your gifts and talents with others. Keep up the good work!

Mr. Duncan has changed my life. I was first referred to his Present Yourself class back in 2017 when I had some real estate investing friends tell me I should get good at teaching other people what I was doing in the real estate investing world that was bringing me a little bit of success.

That class changed me. I used to be labelled as "painfully shy" and after going through Present Yourself, The Launch, Character Fusion, and so many more of his programs it really helped me open my eyes to...

Daine Clark gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star Review on Google
3 Key Elements Replied: This is incredible Daine. Thank you for sharing your success in business and especially your success in your home. You have done great work taking what you've learned and applied it to your life - simple, consistent action steps. And then you took is home to your family. Just incredible. Good job and thank you for this heart felt review.

My wife and I have loved the online classes that are offered. It’s really nice to be able to learn from Kirk in the comfort of our own home. We’ve also attended the the classes which are great too.

I’ve personally learned a bunch that has helped me in my life. Thanks Kirk for being willing to share your story to help others. I’ve found it to be very relatable and motivating....

Matt Sumsion gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star Review on Google
3 Key Elements Replied: Matt, we are so glad that you are loving our new online classes. We love that we can come right into your home and teach you and your family. It really has been a positive adjustment and we're thrilled that even more people can hear us. Thank you for sharing your experience and keep up the good work!

Kirk and Kim Duncan have literally changed the course of my life. Everything about me has improved. My relationship with myself, my wife and family has improved dramatically. Because of Kirk and Kim I am becoming the very best version of myself. They lift, inspire and empower me to overcome any obstacle, and achieve my loftiest dreams. I would give 3 Key Elements SIX STARS if possible! Truly life changing!...

Kim R. Best gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star Review on Google
3 Key Elements Replied: Congratulations on your incredible successes! Kim, thank you so much for your kind and honest review. We are thrilled to know the value you've received from the education we've provided and how it has changed your life for the better. :-)

My husband and I have both taken many classes from this company. Kim and Kirk Duncan are the highest quality of people. They teach with very high energy and integrity. Being in their presence inspires greatness.
They are down-to-earth and have the ability to help each person (even in a large class) feel validated and valuable. The very first class I took was so eye-opening, inspiring and motivating that I instantly wanted everyone I knew to have the same experience! I have since taken just about every...

Shiree Best gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star Review on Google
3 Key Elements Replied: Wow, talk about speechless! Shiree, we are so happy to know how life-changing this has been for you. From our hearts to yours, thank you so much for your wonderful review. Keep doing, being, and living what you have learned and already seen results from, and the incredible transformations will never stop.. You are awesome! Thank you!

This was my second "Master Your Influence" training. I found myself excitedly jotting down new ideas to take action on in my life as I listened again. It was kind of like having a second child ... you don't think you can love it as much as the first until it is born and then you DO!

I shared this training with over a dozen people and have been getting texts, calls, and personal conversations from friends and family about how great it was, the parts that resonated most with them, and how thankful they...

Cynthia Bower gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star Review on Google
3 Key Elements Replied: Cynthia! Thank you so much for your review, and we are SO happy to hear about the great experience you had. We love when our students share what they're learning with friends and family! You DO have an influence on others and it sounds like you're doing AWESOME making it a positive one! Can't wait to see you at the Art of Mentoring and Present Yourself! :)

I am learning so much while attending Master Your Influence! It’s so worth it!
It is great fun!
It is very interactive and Kirk Duncan is very intuitive!...

Derek Rollins gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star Review on Google
3 Key Elements Replied: Derek, Thank you for your review! We've loved the many years you've been a part of our 3 Key Elements family. We appreciate your enthusiasm and support, and we're so glad you enjoyed Master Your Influence Online!

Fantastic way to upgrade my life and continue forward as well as UP. I have appreciated all that I have learned from the programs here!...

Parker Bautner gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star Review on Google
3 Key Elements Replied: Parker, thank you so much for your review. We truly appreciate your support and are so glad you find value in what we teach!

I've been needing this all my life! If you have trouble with how you view yourself and others--go to Kirk and Kim's classes. If you struggle with depression or low self-esteem--go to their classes. If you want to be happier than you've ever thought possible--go to their classes. I can't begin to describe how they have changed my life nor how grateful I am....

Torri Sanders gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star Review on Google
3 Key Elements Replied: Torri, what a wonderful review - thank you so much! We work hard day in and day out to ensure you can have positive experiences like this. :) We are so happy to hear that you have benefited so much from what you've learning. Thanks for being a part of our 3 Key Elements family!

Kirk Duncan teaches from the heart. I've been to other mentors and coaches. He's got something special. He's intuitive, honest, motivational, and down to earth. I loved Master Your Influence! I bought 3 more classes from him. His prices are reasonable!!! He's not gouging anyone! I can't wait to go to the next one!...

Jessica Lloyd gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star Review on Google
3 Key Elements Replied: Jessica, thank you so much for your honest and kind review. We are delighted to hear how satisfied you are with your experience and how much you're enjoying attending our programs. You are what makes 3 Key Elements so great!

Words cannot express what Queen of the Kingdom has done for me. I was stuck, unhappy and just all around in a sad place. Since attending, and using the principles I was taught, I've turned my life around!! I experience true joy every day, I've built a successful business, I'm able to communicate more fully and I live a passionate and fulfilled life!! I've grown to be a great wife, mother, friend and leader. I look forward to many more years of learning and growing! Thank you Kirk and Kim Duncan for...

Julie LeLoup gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star Review on Google
3 Key Elements Replied: Julie!! Thank you so much for expressing your words of gratitude. We are so happy that you have been able to use the principles that you learned to make such a great difference in your life. ❤️❤️❤️

I like all the classes they offer especially royalty & romance & break free intensive. Very positive things to learn & incorporate in our lives to improve us individually & teach others....

Jolyn Alder gave 3 Key Elements a 4 star Review on Google
3 Key Elements Replied: Hi Jolyn, its Kirk, thank you for sharing your thoughts here! :-)

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