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I joined 1st Advantage Bank last year and I love working at a small, community bank! I am continually impressed at the level of customer service we provide to our customers. At every opportunity our bankers go above and beyond to take excellent care of our customers. In comparison to my big bank ex... See More


It is a pleasure working with 1st Advantage Bank. It's great, especially in this day and time, when you can get a live person on the phone immediately. They are knowledgeable and invest in the St. Louis Area. I look forward to continued business and success with Greg and his associates.... See More


Everyone is warm and inviting at the bank! It's a piece of mind knowing that I have them as my banking partner. ... See More

This bank is excellent. I have multiple accounts, personal and business, and everyone here has been so helpful every step of the way when I have questions. Friendly staff and fun customer interaction. It's awesome.

Matt Swaringim gave 1st Advantage Bank a 5 star review

1st Advantage Bank is very helpful and the customer service they provide is the best. They have helped me with growth of my business. I recommend them to anyone looking to work with a bank that cares about their customers.

chris graeler gave 1st Advantage Bank a 5 star review

We own AmeriKids Christian Center and when we moved from a BIG bank to 1st Advantage Bank it was the best business move we made. Their customer service is outstanding. When I call to inquire about something it seems like they already have our account pulled up. No "recorded" greeting and then the endless prompts to get to a live person. 1st Advantage Bank is AWESOME!

Mike Price gave 1st Advantage Bank a 5 star review

When I moved I wasn't sure which bank to chose for my financial purposes. I chose 1st Advantage because of the convenience and friendly and personable staff. When an issue comes up, I get a phone call. When my debit card was hacked, I received a phone call immediately telling me my card could not be used. Saved me some embarrassment at he check out. They really do treat you like family Best choice I ever made.

cynthia cramsey gave 1st Advantage Bank a 5 star review

I visited this bank today and I must say that I was greeted by the friendliest staff ever! I just stopped in for small business banking information and I think every person on staff made it a point to say hello to me. Everyone was so kind and I felt like I was some type of celebrity. They greeted me and offered me a water, soda or coffee while I waited to see the business account specialist. It was a real pleasurable experience and I recommend them to anyone tired of being treated like just another unknown customer by your current bank.

John Andesilich gave 1st Advantage Bank a 5 star review
Michael Eatherton II gave 1st Advantage Bank a 5 star review

My son was searching for a new bank for me close to home and came upon 1st Advantage Bank. I opened a couple accounts there and since then could NOT be happier. In all my years, it's the very first time a bank recognized me not only by name, but my first name. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I will never change as long as I am physically able to take care of my own business.

Merle Medlock gave 1st Advantage Bank a 5 star review

I love 1st Advantage.. I was a non bank user for years because of some experiences with other banks and then decided we needed an account and was recommended to try 1st Advantage and I am so glad I did! Everyone is so friendly! The first time after opening my account I went to the drive through and they knew my name and information already. Love it there.

Kali Buddenhagen gave 1st Advantage Bank a 5 star review

After 20 years of banking at the same bank we noticed the ‘personal touch’ was going to the wayside. After looking and asking family, friends and business associates who they bank with and what they like and disliked about their bank, only one bank was talked about in a positive way EVERY TIME… 1st Advantage Bank! We have now been banking at 1st Advantage for over 6 years. Everyone knows us when we walk in or go through the drive through and they are always happy! They have always under promised and over delivered with all our banking needs. I must say, I have been talked into trying another bank or two by business associates, only to return to 1st Advantage. All our personal and business banking is under one roof now and will remain so. If you are looking to bank with ‘Friends’ and want that special service that is so difficult to find now days… Give 1st Advantage Bank a try. Special Thanks to everyone on the 1st Advantage Bank Team for all you have done and continue to do for our family.

Chris Orf gave 1st Advantage Bank a 5 star review
April Piper Meyers gave 1st Advantage Bank a 5 star review

I couldn't be happier to have switched to 1st Advantage from a large bank we had been with for years. 1st Advantage has given us such personalized banking. We now feel like we have friends to call with any money matters and we know they really know us and our business and if they can't help us will refer us to someone they trust that can. Thanks 1st Advantage for being our partner. Greg, Dwight, Christy, and the entire team is wonderful to work with.

Kirsten Wesa Pahde gave 1st Advantage Bank a 5 star review

1st Advantage offers personal service in a friendly atmosphere, plus competitive interest rates. Convenient location and great service.

Louis Baggett gave 1st Advantage Bank a 5 star review

Everyone is so professional yet makes you feel right at home when you stop by the bank.

Terri Finley Gabler gave 1st Advantage Bank a 5 star review
Maddie Cummings gave 1st Advantage Bank a 5 star review
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