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I was contacted by Kristy and I am so glad that she reached out to me. She was professional, organized, driven, and made sure that every "i" was dotted and every "t" was crossed. I am excited for the new opportunities I have because of Wylander. See More

Kate A gave Wylander a 5 star review

Kristy literally changed my life! So thankful she contacted me. Something I have wanted to do for years, she helped make it happen! See More

Trisha H gave Wylander a 5 star review

Kristy was tireless in her efforts to find a candidate that matched our challenging circumstances. She was professional, knowledgeable, and ultimately, found us the perfect fit for our company. Wylander's process of screening candidates was far superior to any other sites or services we have used in the past. After a thoughtful intake interview with what we were looking for, Kristy was spot on with her selections and saved me countless hours of wasted searching. I am grateful to Wylander for providing us with such amazing service and would recommend them highly. Worth the extra cost!! See More

Jennifer C gave Wylander a 5 star review

From the initial interview with Justin and Krissy, I knew we were going to be successful at filling the position we were trying to hire on our own. They asked all the right questions and really dug deep into what we needed as a company to move us forward. After pre-screening a couple of applicants, we were presented with an applicant that truly complimented myself and business partner where we needed assistance the most. Although this applicant came to us from outside of our industry and we didn't feel on paper it was the right fit, after speaking to the individual we knew right away this was absolutely the right fit! We could not be happier with the end result of working with Wylander and ultimately finding this individual for our company. After nearly 1 year of employment this was the best decision we could have made for our company and we continue to move the company forward and achieve the goals we set for ourselves. We could not have done what we did in the last 12 months without Chris and we would not have found Chris without you. Thank you SO MUCH JUSTIN AND KRISSY! See More

Jay C gave Wylander a 5 star review

I have to say that the experience I had with Wylander was exceptional, I could not have asked for better support and encouragement from both Kristy and Justin Sifford. My experience began with a phone interview with Justin, then I spoke with a consultant whom worked on behalf of the company that hired me. Kristy and Justin both kept me very informed throughout the interview process, which included two face to face interviews with the General Manager and Owner of the company, and then a third face to face interview which also included us the consultant whom was Skyped into the interview. Every single step of this process was wonderful, and I firmly believe that both Kristy’s and Justin’s efforts helped secure my employment. I would highly recommend Wylander to anyone who is seeking employment, they really are the gold standard in recruitment. See More

Aaron W gave Wylander a 5 star review

The team at Wylander were excellent! From my first call, they made me feel comfortable and helped walk me through the interview process. Wylander was able to accurately identify my skills and talents and even though I did not have experience in the specific industry I had interviewed in, Wylander recognized these talents and effectively represented them to the hiring employer. Because of their representation I was hired and was able to immediately impact our company and my career in a positive direction. Visionary talent managers, and caring people. You cannot go wrong with Team Wylander on your side. See More

Christopher K gave Wylander a 5 star review

Lourdes was great! She didn't seem like a recruiter, she seemed more like a friend who was trying to help. She was very good at keeping me in the loop,I never once thought I was being put off. One shot and now I've got the job. It seems like I will be working for the new company for a very long time,but if I thought I was going to be loozing again, I would surely check back with Lourdes and Wylander! See More

Ian S gave Wylander a 5 star review

Lourdes was great to work with from start to finish! Very thorough and professional, she was really looking out for both my interests and those of my new employer. The service she provided was valuable to help match me to what I was truly looking for. I highly recommend Lourdes without hesitation. See More

tim M gave Wylander a 5 star review

Lourdes was fantastic to work with. She really knows her stuff and her way of placing applicants makes the whole process very simple and straightforward. Moreover, it puts you in the driver’s seat and removes a lot of obstacles faced in the job hunt! I’d thoughoughly recommend her to anyone looking for a role in the restoration business. Thank you Lourdes and Wylander! See More

Magaly T gave Wylander a 5 star review

Heather at Wylander was amazing! She made the interview process very easy. She kept me up to date on everything and made me feel like she was in my corner rooting me on and wishing me good luck. Keep up the good work! See More

Candice S gave Wylander a 5 star review

Lourdes is the absolute best. She was very informative, professional, and very responsive. Working with her throughout the interview and hiring process was so easy and went smoothly. If I could give her more than 5 stars I would, she was an absolute pleasure to work with. Lourdes effectively communicates expectations an is enthusiastic and passionate about her job. I can't thank her enough for all she has done for me. So thanks again, me an my family really appreciate all you have done. See More

Josh M gave Wylander a 5 star review

I had the most amazing professional informative process that 1 could ever experience . Lourdes was very thorough in her questioning and very responsive and attentive to any of my questions up to and including answering any phone calls I placed to her. She was always available and presented herself very professionally. See More

deb C gave Wylander a 5 star review

The 2 agents I had the pleasure to work with were great on every level. Constant communication, always informed me about what was taking place throughout the entire process. And both seemed genuinely interested in me getting the job. They made the entire interview process less stressful and I can not thank them enough. Great job!!! See More

Christopher W gave Wylander a 5 star review

Kristy at Wylander was great! She did a great job facilitating every step from the initial phone interview to the job shadow to the official job offer. She did a great job balancing her clients needs and also being there to answer any questions or concerns I had as the job candidate. She responded quickly and was super pleasant. See More

Christine H gave Wylander a 5 star review
Tim W gave Wylander a 5 star review