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Michelle Blevins is a godsend. She walked me through every step of getting an amazing job. I hope she is recognized for her efforts. Genuine people like her are hard to come. Thanks so very much. Wesley...

Wesley Wooden recommends Wylander on Facebook

Heather Brewer was extremely helpful during my interview for my new position. She personalized the experience by ensuring to wish me luck on the day of each interview. The process was great and I would definitely recommend Wylander....

Shaun Ross recommends Wylander on Facebook

I have to give recognition to Lourdes D. Laguna. She matched my LinkedIn profile with the perfect job and career path for me. She was patient, attentive and respected the needs of both myself and my then potential employer. Thank you Lourdes for your time and dedication!...

Jillian Marie Pagliei recommends Wylander on Facebook

Working with Lourdes during the recruitment process was amazing! She was very kind, communicative, and let you know that she is just as focused on finding you a position that fits right as you are! See More

Austin M gave Wylander a 5 star Review

We really appreciate the professionalism and flexibility Wylander has provided A&J over the past year. Wylander stepped up when a candidate didn't work out and helped us find a new person for our Operations Manager position. We are now searching for another position and have teamed with Wylander again. See More

Kent R gave Wylander a 4 star Review

Wylander got a great recommendation by Lisa See More

Lisa R gave Wylander a 5 star Rating

Heather was so great to work with through this process. She was so responsive and organized. Definitely would give her a 5 star rating!!! See More

Austin B gave Wylander a 5 star Review

I loved Wylander because of the kindness, support, and great communication I received from Michelle Blevins. During my job search I came in contact with dozens of recruiters and recruiting firms. The vast majority were not helpful at all. They did not leave the impression that they cared if I found a position or not. Michelle and Wylander were fantastic to work with and made my job search journey so much easier. I would highly recommend Wylander and Michelle to anyone looking to fill a position or seeking a position. See More

Gregory P gave Wylander a 5 star Review

Working with Michelle and Lourdes of Wylander was a very good experience. Their knowledge of the industry is a empowering thing. I received excellent service and great advice throughout the process....

Tim Regan recommends Wylander on Facebook

What a pleasant experience working with Michelle and Lourdes of Wylander. Very professional with great advice guiding me through the process. See More

Tim R gave Wylander a 5 star Review

Michelle was very easy to work with and very professional. She is a great communicator and replies very quickly. One the best experiences of changing career paths in my professional journey so far. See More

Terrence M gave Wylander a 5 star Review

Justin is very excited to recommend Wylander See More

Justin C gave Wylander a 5 star Rating

Derek Strongly Recommends Wylander See More

Derek P gave Wylander a 5 star Rating

Pina gave Wylander an AWESOME Recommendation See More

Pina P gave Wylander a 5 star Rating

I worked with Lourdes from Wylander on a job opportunity in the estimating feild. I could not be more happier with the way the experience worked for me and how hard Lourdes worked with myself and the company to which I was applying to come to an agreement on that both sides felt very good about. Lourdes was always quick to respond to my questions or concerns as well as keeping me updated with any information I needed. Thank you very much for your hard work, it was a pleasure working with your company. See More

Ryan W gave Wylander a 5 star Review

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