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Patricia L gave Gavin Timms a 5 star Rating

I loved this because it answered a few of my questions about the leads I have been marking as Dead which in my CRM in Simple would mean no follow up. I remember Gavin saying in previous videos that when you get a NO, it just means they are not ready at the moment and that things can change due to unforeseen circumstances especially in these trying times, so it made me rethink the leads that I had still in my CRM that aren't that old and that there is still some possible deals to be made. Thanks, Gavin for the inspiration.... See More

warren M gave Gavin Timms a 5 star Review

Great stuff Gavin.I watch all your videos on you tube

gene G gave Gavin Timms a 5 star Review

I like listing to Gavin Timms because he is easy to understand, very practical, and has no bs or fluff. Just good, valuable, interesting content.

Rick J gave Gavin Timms a 5 star Review

Gavin, great information. I'm glad that you are doing this and tracking the results. We all have old leads that should be put into the process just like you are doing. I hope you get five deals from it my friend.

Dave S gave Gavin Timms a 5 star Review

I've been listening to Gavin Timms' REI trainings for a couple months now and love how well-versed he is. Not just about the industry but how he seems to say things so perfectly when talking to leads on the phone. He seriously knows how to talk to people and is always so upbeat about it to boot - a big plus. I love that he doesn't sound salesy and also doesn't need to manipulate - all the while gets to the real bottom line, bringing sellers to target, showing them what matters without being pushy or intrusive. He's so straight-forward and direct that whoever is on the other end knows he's not playing games and I bet they can't help but yield to his experitse for the most part. I should be writing down some of the clever ways he says things.... See More

Paula C gave Gavin Timms a 5 star Review

Gavin Timms does a fine job guiding us through the presentation process. Learning the transition and negotiation is a challenge. But every time we have a roll play session there are "ah ha" moments and things click. That builds confidence. It's very helpful and reassuring.

Nick J gave Gavin Timms a 4 star Review

I love Gavin for his knowledge and training. He gets back to me in a timely manner when I ask questions. I feel that I have a great support system to be successful with my business.

Ilsoon Y gave Gavin Timms a 5 star Review

Michael LOVED Gavin Timms

Michael B gave Gavin Timms a 5 star Rating

Gavin has assisted in building my REI business and continues to provide valuable knowledge about the wholesaling, lease option business. The REI Network community members are helpful in answering questions and providing insights to situations that come up while learning the systems or during a transaction. Great mentor and group to be associated with at this eventful time in history.

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Randy S gave Gavin Timms a 5 star Rating

Joe and Gavin are the real deal. They always over deliver. Their courses are laid out in an easy to understand format. Beginners and experienced investors will learn so much from these guys. If you're thinking about which 'guru' to learn from. That's an easy choice...……..Joe and Gavin!

Roland P gave Gavin Timms a 5 star Review

Interesting. Creative. Well done.

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