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The team at Umbrella and Really Successful are truly, truly committed to entrepreneurial success. Without a shred of doubt, they make it IMPOSSIBLE for people to fail, if you put in the effort. The tools and training are second to none, the partners they procure are best-in-class, and their genuine care about their member's success is felt on every training call each week. Unfortunately, there are no words to describe how great the team is, but if you are looking to grow and/or start a business, there is literally no better group out there. And the value? They over-deliver on their cost in value by at least 10-20x, and that might be conservative too.... See More

Davide V gave Really Successful Ltd a 5 star Review

I have recently needed to deal with Really Successful, as well as a handful of similar organisations, one or two of which may be considered direct competitors. Really Successful have set themselves apart through the quality of their people. They show compassion and empathy, which is so incredibly important when choosing a partner. The support and the programs are one thing but if you are dealing with genuinely good people, that’s another thing entirely. Choose Really Successful to be your business partner with every confidence. ... See More

Melinda R gave Really Successful Ltd a 5 star Review

Hello, I am Michael in Canada. I want to encourage anyone who is not sure about the ethical soundness of Really Successful as a company and of course the people involved who make the company. My dealings with RS and its people is extremely positive and beyond fair and upright. They go the 'extra mile' and even more so which is why I write 'beyond fair'. They truly extend amazing options to help satisfy any challenges that I have faced with making my way in their programs. RS truly wants to help people to succeed in their financial aspect of their life. I truly believe that they want even more than that for people and a great, solid financial base is a large part of this. Well, my personal interaction with people such as Jonathan and Sam has been amazing and I am in awe of how they are so interested in making things work for people wanting to work with RS. 'Thank You' seems inadequate so "Thank You a million times over". People, please be assured that RS and their team of people are Real and Legitimate and Caring. If you are sitting on the fence, you can safely complete your climb over that fence into the wonderful green pastures of something Really Successful for you and your family. Cheers!! :)... See More

Michael M gave Really Successful Ltd a 5 star Review

Thank you so much, I just want to take this opportunity to thank you you guys for everything you do. I have managed to push myself through everyday life and commit everyday to building this business. Just finished the Zik Training on research , so i'm very exciting. I will be using it to research both Be Global and then Ali Express. About to start Serge's 12 week program training tomorrow. Once again thank you. Regards Peter DiBartolomeo ... See More

Peter D gave Really Successful Ltd a 5 star Review

In my 27 years of age ,I learned a lot from working with the entire TEAM from Barry to Itamar, Roger, Tammy, Amber, Johnathan, Ilan, and of course MICHAL. They personally helped me achieve great results. The biggest help I learned how to MANAGE everything I have. Thank you all.....ALL OF YOU ARE THE BEST!!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! ... See More

Ricardo A gave Really Successful Ltd a 5 star Review

Very professional.helpful and they stand for the long run...

alan C gave Really Successful Ltd a 5 star Review

For the most part, the videos are great. However, in a number of them, probably because things are so automatic for him, Serge sometimes forgets to say why he's made a certain choice or entry. In at least one case, after going through everything verbally and in the process of signing off, he went back and checked a box without saying anything about it. In the first 6-7 videos of Section 2, there are a number of errors in content/sequence. I'll send Sam the details. Good to have updates, though it would be extremely helpful if revised videos were annotated as REVISED, so we would know which ones needed to be reviewed. Thanks for all the effort and support!!... See More

Sylvia W gave Really Successful Ltd a 4 star Review

Hi guys, I'm Adrian from Romania. I'd like to say a few words about me first: i am 33 years old and i work in construction. I am at work right now and I asked my boss to let me use his computer in order to leave this review because I don't have a webcam. I tried to record a video review but it doesn't work (I don't know why) so I will have to write a long one. I started ebus because i really need some extra money. My wife and i have been really struggling financially lately. Romania is a very poor country and working in construction is not enough to support my family due to the fact that my wife is pregnant in 3 months and I will become a father in october. The doctors, tests and medication are killing us....so that's why i am strongly motivated to list products everyday, i have listed more than 200 and started to make almost daily sales. I know Barry said last wednesday during the Q & A that he doesn't want to hear nice things about you guys in the video review but i just can't help it. My wife set me a 300$ limit to start this bussiness and yoy guys were very understanding and sent me a non EU tax payment link because otherwise I would have had to pay more than 350$ and I really couldn't afford it. I really appreciate this kind of help because nobody did this for me before and I really didn't expect it so thanks again guys. I really like your webinars, you made things very easy to understand from the beginning, you answered very fast to all my emails and helped me with all the questions i had, even when you were travelling to Vegas. Serge's videos are great, it was quite easy to setup my ebay account and start selling. I already recommended Ebus to a couple of my friends. One of them already joined Ebus last week. His name is Iulian Strajan. The other one will probably join in the next few days. Now let's talk about the cons which are very few compared to the pros. There are some issues with the Beglobal platform like the lack of pictures on some products and others could have better quality pictures, and maybe the categories could be a little more organised. At least in the collector's supplies category, that's what i am selling on ebay. There are also some products which can't be listed due to some errors. However, i totally understand that this is a new platform and the people at Beglobal are constantly working to improve it, which cannot be done overnight due to the very high number of products. So hopefully, these issues will be solved soon and profit is just around the corner. I am thinking about opening another ebay account in order to sell products from another category because, like i said, we really need the extra cash and i have this feeling that Ebus is the best thing that happened to me and my family in the last few months and that this is the beginning of a good, profitable bussiness. So thanks again for everything guys and looking forward to see you on wednesday at the next Q & A! Bye!! Adrian... See More

Adrian I gave Really Successful Ltd a 5 star Review

I have been with Really Successful for quite a while now. I bought a few programs from them and has always been impressed with their teaching and material. They do have very talented teachers who know what they are doing in the internet marketing world. I also feel that I am part of a family with Really Successful. Their programs work and are never outdated. The internet marketing world is changing constantly and Really Successful adapts always very quickly and comes up with the right material.... See More

Jocelyne V gave Really Successful Ltd a 5 star Review

I am so glad I join the program. I fail in Ebay before but I beleive I will make it now with the Ebus program . I am learning a lot about how to sell on Ebay .I am having views and reactions wich I beleive will soon lead to sells and more sells . Thank you reallysuccesful team.

Viviane N gave Really Successful Ltd a 5 star Review
Clark M gave Really Successful Ltd a 5 star Video Review

Serge gave me some advice that was really helpful. I followed his instructions to do research on sold listings, optimize my titles and the very next day I got my first sale of BeGlobal products. I am really excited to continue my Ebay journey with Serge's help. Thanks.

Alex T gave Really Successful Ltd a 5 star Review

The whole company is a great opportunity to earn money for my future. I love the videos. If it were not for them I would never be able to learn the system. But the videos help you each step of the way. And, of course, all American women love French accents. Also, I have never been to a training seminar before so that was very informative. Barry, you are a lot of fun. And the others are great too. Each of the men there would bend over backwards to help. BeGlobal is a good company, and a good concept so it will be fun to watch it grow very fast every month. My sincere gratitude to each one I met. I know you will be there for me into the future. Shalom. ... See More

Nancy U gave Really Successful Ltd a 5 star Review

Very Informative..Great Ambiance..Dedicated Coaches...All Technical issues have been removed...Recommended

Alan C gave Really Successful Ltd a 5 star Review

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