Few years ago, I explored nature photography in south texas and had Ruth as our guide at one of the photography ranch. Her knowledge and expertise in nature and bird/wildlife is quite extensive and allows us to capture cool images and me personally to observe and learn how to approach nature beauties and yet be kind of them. I would highly recommend to use Ruth's guiding service if you plan to do nature photography in south texas area. See More

Box L gave Photo Bound Tours LLC a 4 star review

Traveled to south Texas for birding/wildlife photography trip. Met Ruth at Santa Clara ranch. Ruth is a very good guide - very knowledgable. She does everything possible to help you capture great images. I will definitely use her services again soon! See More

Jeff M gave Photo Bound Tours LLC a 5 star review

I have taken two classes from Ruth. The first was with the Texas Master Naturalist group at Ramsey Park. It was an outside field trip photo class. The second was at the Soith Padre Island Birding and Nature Center. It was both classroom and outside on the boardwalk. Both classes were excellent. Ruth has a great passion for both nature and photography. What makes her class so fun and rewarding is her enthusiasm for teaching and turning the class onto both the natural world and the art of capturing it with your own camera. She is very knowledgeable about her subject matter, composition, equipment, and software to maximize every opportunity. She comes highly recommended if you want to up your game in this area. See More

Gary T gave Photo Bound Tours LLC a 5 star review

I had exceptional service from Ruth. She went above and beyond what expected. See More

Lee Anne R gave Photo Bound Tours LLC a 5 star review

I have known Ruth for years and have attended two of her classes. Not only is she very talented as a photographer, she also excels at teaching. She is concise, easy to understand, answers questions and visually shows you how to become a better photographer - and she can help beginners and more advanced photographers. Anyone, at any age, would enjoy learning from her. See More

Lynne T gave Photo Bound Tours LLC a 5 star review

My wife and I wanted a nature photography vacation in South Texas and, after reviewing several opportunities, chose Ruth. On the day of our adventure, we were blessed with very good weather and light. Ruth met us at a convenient location and led us onto the ranch a short distance away. We were positioned in a comfortable pit blind by early morning and were photographing birds almost immediately. I don't want to give away Ruth's secrets, but the methods she uses to attract birds to perfect photography setups and distances are sophisticated and ingenious! My wife and I each took hundreds of photos at both the morning and evening stand locations. And honestly, we could have taken a lot more. Because of the tremendous extent of the photographic opportunities, we had the luxury of being quite selective. I would highly recommend this adventure, not only for the opportunity to take some great photos, but also as a learning experience for your other unguided adventures. Ruth is very informative and helpful with both the photographic aspects and the tips and tricks for getting the birds and other wildlife where you want them. Whether you are a novice or an expert photographer, I am confident you will enjoy the experience and take away valuable information and knowledge. that will make you a better nature photographer. The following is a link to a small sampling of the photos I took that day.... https://flic.kr/s/aHskzeDQsz See More

David H gave Photo Bound Tours LLC a 5 star review

Very professional and informative. Had a lot of different subject options to photograph. See More

Pam S gave Photo Bound Tours LLC a 5 star review

I just want to take a moment and thank you Ruth for all the incredible photos of me and my staff as well as our Inner Circle friends the last few years. I not only have photos I can use personally and professionally for social media etc… but I have lots of remarkable memories because of the quality of work you performed! I would like to also thank you for the nature prints that are framed in my office and home. As you know I purchased extra for my staff. What I did not tell you is I made sure I got enough prints from you to give away in a frame to some of my most special clients and friends! They are gifts that are cherished because they are so beautiful. Thank you for being you and using your special gift to touch so many others that you will never even know about. Jonathon Pierce Prestige Communications, Inc. See More

Jonathon P gave Photo Bound Tours LLC a 5 star review

Ruth has been a pleasure to work with. Very professional and knowledgeable. Always very generous and helpful. Can't say how much I have appreciated her help and patience over the years. Thanks. See More

Kevin A gave Photo Bound Tours LLC a 4 star review

Ruth Hoyt was amazing! By far she is the best guide I have ever been with. Ruth went above and beyond to help me with some equipment issues. Ruth you are the best! See More

Darrell C gave Photo Bound Tours LLC a 5 star review

I wanted to get a really special birthday gift for my wife who had recently started taking pictures. I resurched online and Photo Bound Tours/Ruth Hoyt kept coming up. If you want a true professional in nature and wildlife photography, look no further. Ruth Hoyt guides on private ranches and has an extensive amount of knowledge of flora and fauna. From my wife's first shoot, it was obvious we had made the best choice. Ruth has been working with my wife, Lori since last August and we are both so impressed. Not only has Lori been able to capture great wildlife photos, she has also learned and continues to learn both Lightroom and Photo Shop! Ruth has exceeded our expectations and I highly recommend Photo Bound Tours!! See More

Jack R gave Photo Bound Tours LLC a 5 star review

I've had a wonderful experience working for Ms Ruth Hoyt, I first meet Ms Ruth in January 2016, it's been a wonderful experience learning what photographers do and how they plan thier photo shoots, I spent about an hour helping Ms Hoyt when she takes some of our reptiles for a shoot and it was one of the nicest experiences I've ever had. See More

Anna G gave Photo Bound Tours LLC a 5 star review

My family and I have been very fortunate to have received private photo lessons and guided opportunities for photos of amazing wildlife in their native habitat. Ruth Hoyt is a fantastic photographer and very knowledgeable about the venues in which she guides. She is also a great instructor. Our experiences with her company over the years have been invaluable. See More

Jenny M gave Photo Bound Tours LLC a 5 star review

I've met Ruth Hoyt twice while touring my ranch property. I am considering setting up bird photography sites as part of development plans. Ruth is very engaging, informative and entertaining. She provided excellent information on the bird population of the ranch and used her cell phone to educate regarding bird sounds and appearance. Unfortunately, we have yet to identify the best locations for the photography sites. See More

David G gave Photo Bound Tours LLC a 5 star review

I found Ruth Holt to be very professional and knowledgeable. She was personable, informative and we learned a lot from her guiding us. Her setups were superb. See More

Pliny M gave Photo Bound Tours LLC a 5 star review

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