Communication is Power!!!! What amazes me about Dr. Karen (Perkins) is not her capability to immediately connect with various "personalities" but rather her ability to others to do the same. That shows true mastery. When I was struggling, she showed me how to communicate more effectively with my team by helping me understand a key principle - different communication for different people. After working with Dr. Karen I also received the Living First Class Home Study System and was in awe again. The thoughtfulness and quality of the materials is First Class and all designed to assist you in getting results quickly. I highly recommend you get and devour this program and if you have the opportunity, work with Dr. Karen directly! ... See More

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I have been using Dr. Perkins Home Study System, and it is PHENOMENAL!! First of all, the quality of everything truly is "first class." I really love the personality system the box came with and have used it numerous times both with my family and with my clients. In the box of reference cards for the personality system, it has a ton of helpful tips for how to work effectively together with different personality types, which has been super useful. I also LOVE that it comes with physical workbooks!! So many programs these days have downloadable stuff... that I never end up downloading and using. This is so well laid out and easy to use that I would recommend it to everyone!... See More

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I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Karen Perkins and hearing her speak at the Prosperity Live Event 2019. Her energy, enthusiasm and warmth were immediately felt by all attendees. Her talk on Living First Class was high energy with stories full of emotion, thereby capturing the full attention of the entire room. The second portion of her time included a workshop on The Animal Within. In this activity, we all learned about the four personality types; Lion, Owl, Lamb and Peacock. It was an eye opening experience that forced you to think about your own personality type and how you interact with the others. I have spent over 20 years in Corporate Training and Leadership, I have attended countless events and heard hundreds of speakers. Dr. Karen Perkins is in my top 10. I would highly recommend her for any Corporate event or conference.... See More

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