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Very helpful and patient throughout the entire process. Kept the lines of communication open at all times. Kudos to Brent, Manu and Aubrey for their friendliness, professionalism, and Knowledge. Thank you all so much!!

Alicia B gave Newhomeprograms.com a 5 star Review

We had so much fun today at the dog park. I think we like to go there just like our dogs. We live close to the lake and sometimes we take them down there. They enjoy walking and getting in the water. I was thinking about getting another car. I can't afford a new one and have to get a used one. Along the way to the used car lot we saw a lot of people looking up in the sky. When we stopped at the car lot, we got out of the car and looked up to see what everyone was looking at. Then we saw it, it was a blimp. I had... Read More

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Newhomeprograms.com made the home buying process not only easy, but fun. The entire team not only met but exceeded all expectations I had. I was fully informed about where we were in the process from Day 1. I initially contacted NHP to educate myself on the home buying process. At that first meeting Manu fully explained the process, and Todd secured a financing pre-approval. The very next day, I found a home I was interested in viewing, and Teddy showed me the property. The next morning I put in an offer which was accepted the following day. WOW! From education to accepted offer within the scope of 4 days. Karen did a great job handling paperwork issues and Jessica did an excellent job as intermediary with the seller so that we could close on the day I desired. The vision Cory & Milly have for this company is awesome and easy to get behind as it's evident that they've put G-D first in their personal lives and business. I recommend NEWHOMEPROGRAMS.COM to anyone looking to buy or sell their home. I'd use them again!... See More

Lance M gave Newhomeprograms.com a 5 star Review

I always believe in professionalism, credibility, knowledge of

Ileana M gave Newhomeprograms.com a 5 star Review

I was looking for a home in the Austin Tx area and as we all know the market is hot right now. Its a sellers market. We were looking for homes but they would go under contract within 1 day of being listed. They referred us to an agent named Anna Brown. Believe when I say she is the best at what she does. She kept in contact with me evey step of the way. She sent me daily leads and kept in mind what we were looking for in a home and kept us well within a location we were looking for. She got us into a new... Read More

Rolando Cortinas gave Newhomeprograms.com a 5 star Review on Google
Newhomeprograms.com Replied: Rolando, thank you so much for your kind words concering Ana Brown. God Bless you!

Rolando & Karen gave Newhomeprograms.com an AWESOME Recommendation

Rolando & Karen C gave Newhomeprograms.com a 5 star Rating

Annette had a great experience with Newhomeprograms.com

Annette B gave Newhomeprograms.com a 5 star Rating
Shaun Theriot-Smith gave Newhomeprograms.com a 5 star Rating on Google
Newhomeprograms.com Replied: Thank you Shaun! Appreciate your business. God bless you!

Shaun enjoyed the experience with Newhomeprograms.com

Shaun T gave Newhomeprograms.com a 5 star Rating

It was a very pleasant and enjoyable experience working with New Home Programs. As a first time home buyer I had tons of questions and Manu, Audrey, & Jessica answered every one of them. They exceeded my expectations at every turn. I highly recommend working with this team. They were great and I can’t thank them enough. ... See More

Andrew P gave Newhomeprograms.com a 5 star Review

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Colana is very excited to recommend Newhomeprograms.com

Colana B gave Newhomeprograms.com a 5 star Rating

This company represents honor, which being a Veteran I know a little about. Keep serving the community and be safe

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Eric suggests you use Newhomeprograms.com

Eric W gave Newhomeprograms.com a 5 star Rating

I am so happy I chose New Home Programs to help me find and purchase my first home. The staff there takes you step by step on the process and answers any questions you have every step of the way. I definitely recommend New Home Programs to anyone who is looking to buy a home. My experience with them was phenomenal and the whole team there is very professional and always there to help you. Thank you so much New Home Programs for helping me purchase my first home!

Gabby Godoy gave Newhomeprograms.com a 5 star Review on Google
Newhomeprograms.com Replied: Gabby...thank you so much for your kind words! God bless you!

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