Had frequent severe migraines for 5 plus years. Spent thousands of $ on dr. Visits, mri’s, specialists, medications. None of which helped, they only made matters worse. My first visit with Dr. Van der merwe, he kindly explained my situation and how the mind and body works. He said, “There is no such thing as a magical pill to cure you...” I am now 95% migraine free without any medication. He works like a charm

Vedder Mac Steinsiek gave The Neurologic Relief Center a 5 star review

This place is a place of healing, both physically and emotionally from diseases that many other doctors have given up on, told us patients that we were “hopeless cases”. The doctors and staff are dedicated, gifted, compassionate and like a second family! I had given up before finding this place after a long 8 year battle with CRPS and it has given me hope back. I have seen many people heal completely and get much better from the treatments here. I believe anyone would be lucky to be a patient here! The atmosphere of the “clinic” isn’t clinical at all but more of a family living room, where patients are laughing, crying, supporting and talking with one another. There is no place like it anywhere!

Laura D gave The Neurologic Relief Center a 5 star review

Fantastic! They really know what they are doing ;)

Sergio Tilli gave The Neurologic Relief Center a 5 star review

My daughter and I are both patients with long standing CRPS at the Neurological Relief Center in Fayetteville Arkansas. We have both exhausted all treatments available with traditional medicine. Patients come here from all over the world to get this one of a kind none invasive drug free multi modal treatment. There are many cutting edge treatments and patient care plans are individualized. Treatments cover nutritional, neurological, physical, and mental, psychological and energetic aspects of care for the patient with disorders of the nervous system. It is not a pain clinic. Their approach is to treat the cause of the condition, not the symptoms. Dr. Katinka and her staff are devoted to treating the sickest of the sick. They are compassionate, caring, devoted and loving and always attentive to patient's needs. Five Stars is not enough to describe the care and excellent outcomes resulting from this one if a kind treatment. Dr. K is always researching new modalities to add to patient care. Our thanks and praise To Dr.K and her entire staff.

MaryJo Gallo gave The Neurologic Relief Center a 5 star review

I am forever grateful to Dr. Katinka and staff for giving my daughter her life back.

Debra Deputy gave The Neurologic Relief Center a 5 star review