Great place when you just got into an accident. It was really tough to hear that you have a head concussion, but this place makes you feel so much better. With acupuncture and NeuroLIFE, I feel so much better and saw great progress. I know I can't be 100% me anymore, but I do see the progress of getting there. Thanks to Dr. Dylan and Dr. Longyear! See More

Lisa A gave Neuro LIFE Institute a 5 star Review
Allen C gave Neuro LIFE Institute a 5 star Video Review

I have received the best, most knowledgeable care at the Neuro Life institute. I've been to other doctors for 11 months following a serious car accident, and none could help me recover. The doctors here not only understood my injuries, but explained them so I could understand what I was experiencing better than I could ever explain them. I've noticed marked improvement after only 5 days, and am going home to Kentucky armed with the tools I've needed to have a full recovery. Much thanks to everyone at the Neuro Life institute!

Beth Scott gave NeuroLIFE Institute a 5 star review

Dr. Vestal is a amazing knowledgeable and caring healthcare provider. In a time were medicine has become a rush to treat with pills and surgery Dr. Vestal treats with education, empowering, physical therapy and lifestyle change. Saying Thank you seems so inadequate for the gift of a pain free quality life. An experience that can only improve you quality of life physically, emotionally and mentally from a kind and caring provide. The clinic itself is state of the art while remaining inviting and comforting.

Shelly Robinson gave NeuroLIFE Institute a 5 star review

Dr. Vestal is amazingly professional and knowledgeable about his line of work. He's easy to understand and follow along as he explains your individual issues and therapy. After seeing him, you will feel like a new person.

Curtis Dupree gave NeuroLIFE Institute a 5 star review

I don't have enough to say about this group of doctors and staff. They are wonderful, attentive, and absolutely amazing. They really do care for their patients.

Patti Banks gave NeuroLIFE Institute a 5 star review