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Steve S gave Megabucks Marketing, Inc. a 5 star review

Just attended Nina's session at the #GKICsc. Magnificent creativity. I got tons of ideas for mailing of all sorts, and her list of points for successful campaign - priceless! TNX! See More

Shmaya D gave Megabucks Marketing, Inc. a 5 star review

Nina's presentation was the best at the GKIC superconference. Actionable info, good content, fast-paced delivery, and very personal and easy to relate to. Great job, great company, and very interesting product. Look forward to working with you possibly very soon. See More

Chad S gave Megabucks Marketing, Inc. a 5 star review

Thank you Nina for enhancing my client base. Your marketing expertise, particularly in the print department with magazine cover brochures and books, is an instant crrediblity builder. When it comes to your clients, you are tenacious, focused and creative in order deliver the maximmum results your clients are looking for. Alll this takes place in an upbeat environment and I have to tell you, it's a lot of fun working with you. Looking forward to our next project. See More

Jim C gave Megabucks Marketing, Inc. a 5 star review

Teaming up with NIna & Megabucks is by far one of the best marketing approaches anyone can do to enhance their business awareness. I've always wanted to write a book but honestly didnot feel I had the time or patience. With Nina's help, we got it knocked out extremely fast, from structure, cover design & content. I am excited how it added INSTANT credibility to my Insurance business and positioned me as an "expect". Day one, by having the book by my side, I was able to get my back my initial investment on the first sale. I have never had that kind of ROI on any direct mail piece or other types of advertising. Best investment- do it! - Scott Behan, Rocky Mountain Providers, Inc See More

Scott B gave Megabucks Marketing, Inc. a 5 star review
Jeff M gave Megabucks Marketing, Inc. a 5 star review

I was asked to write a book to share all my secrets and tips for how I grew my financial services business so well (after being ranked number one in the world for new firm growth out of almost 12,000 financial advisors). But I did not have the time to write a book. Then I met Nina Hershberger. She said I can interview you and write your story for you. Well I had no idea how to get a book published, or get the artwork done, or even what an ISBN number was or how to get one. Once again, Nina said "we take care of all of that for you." I had another friend who had recently published his own book, and I asked him how long it took to write and how much he had invested to get it published - I was very discouraged. Needless to say, Nina had my book written, edited, formatted, cover artwork, biography and forward all done within a matter of weeks, and at a small fraction of what my friend had invested to do his own book. To my surprise, it was the best business card I could have ever imagined. Having my own book published has opened so many doors that I never could have accomplished without the authority of being a published author. After publishing my Estate Planning Secrets, I was asked to speak at a national conferences of estate planning experts - many of whom actually authored legislation. What an honor. In fact, my real estate book got me a meeting with the Mayor this Thursday. The city has a need for solving housing issues - so they turn to the published expert. Thank you Nina - I never would have done it without you. See More

Bert M gave Megabucks Marketing, Inc. a 5 star review
Becky A gave Megabucks Marketing, Inc. a 5 star review