Leo and team made us feel like they took personal concern with us and really did everything they could to get us the funding we needed. Leo also was a good soundboard for some business ideas and gave great feedback. I’ll recommend him to anyone!...

Austin Olsen gave LeoKanell.com a 5 star Review on Google

Leo Kanell is an awesome advisor!!! patient direct and a problem solver, Leo takes the time necessary to help you achieve your own goals. I highly recommend him if you are serious about finding funding solutions and strategies for your business and to achieve exceptional growth....

Ron McKean gave LeoKanell.com a 5 star Review on Google

7 Figures Review by Maria Rodriguez I was appreciated by the 7 Figures Consultant specifically, Leo Kanell. Been in the FBA Pro Account with not job, Leo have offer find the founding to take my business to the next level. During the process, Leo has been very dedicated and went above and beyond than just the hour service. He is very knowledgeable and resourceful, always provided me with hard-to-find information. He explains his plan of the funding process and how is work. He company was able to finding $30 to $40 grants, I have going beyond that amount. His consultant company have other services available to help with the founding to any business don’t matter the side of your company. Leo had always given a fallow one a week into the process was 100%. With their outstanding service and competitive pricing, I would recommend the 7 figures Consultant. See More

Maria R gave LeoKanell.com a 5 star Review
Melissa Zimmerman gave LeoKanell.com a 5 star Rating on Google

Leo has far exceeded my expectations and have really walked me through the entire process. It’s been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in getting financing. I would highly recommend his company! See More

Melissa Z gave LeoKanell.com a 5 star Review
Ernest M gave LeoKanell.com a 5 star Video Review
Bill Vascassenno gave LeoKanell.com a 4 star Rating on Google

Leo got me money for my business and I'm grateful for that. I assumed funding as a single loan but received it through multiple credit cards. Make sure you ask more questions about where the money is coming from if that is a concern. See More

William V gave LeoKanell.com a 4 star Review

Great people to deal with very accurate and details fast response and all around good people great job thank you. See More

Erik & Windell W gave LeoKanell.com a 5 star Review

Mixed feelings, great people and very knowledgeable, Just not sure about the price. it is very possible I missed something but basically we received a lot of credit cards that were requested on our behalf and it cost us $6500 to do this, I’ll never know if I filled out my own CC request if I would have been able to get the same amount or not but I would have saved 6,500.00 Again these are great people and very knowledgeable. Just would have done more research forgot doing this See More

Sheri & John C gave LeoKanell.com a 4 star Review

Leo was very professional, knowledgeable and delivered everything he promised above and beyond. He and his team made the Funding process easy and simple.

Thank you Leo, I look forward to working with you again in the near future....

Patty Montenegro gave LeoKanell.com a 5 star Review on Google

My experience with leokanell was awesome the staff was very helpful and available. He exceed my expectations. I will recommend. See More

Lency & Victoria T gave LeoKanell.com a 5 star Review

Phenomenal business partner with fine-tuned process for securing lending for my clients. Leo and his team's comprehensive approach in tailoring the best-case lending strategy for entrepreneurs has allowed many of my clients to progress their businesses much further, much faster. Excellent team with fast, concrete results!...

Mark Farmer gave LeoKanell.com a 5 star Review on Google

WONDERFUL people to work with. Especially loved working with Corissa, she’s the sweetest. trustworthy and helpful....

Rachel Bang gave LeoKanell.com a 5 star Review on Google

I can't recommend working with Leo enough! If you need funding to get your business off the ground or already have a business and want to take it to the next level, Leo can help you out! Very knowledgeable and business savvy!...

Justin Jones gave LeoKanell.com a 5 star Review on Google

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