I love this program! I recommend anyone interested in their services to do a pop up. I know I shouldn’t say that but I tried so hard to get my babies into this daycare. I called for at least a month. I was always told that they are working off of a waiting list and that they would call me when space becomes available. They even encouraged me to check out other centers in case they didn’t get a spot soon enough for me. Just when I was about to give up and go with another center Mrs Dawn called me to tell me that a spot was available. When I went in she assisted me with the enrollment process, allowed me to tour two out of three locations and offered me some resources that my family is currently in need of. The summer camp one was very busy with kids all over the place but I could tell they were having fun. Thank you Mrs. Dawn!

Brittany Davis-Jenkins gave Inheritance Child Care Center a 5 star review