We LOVE LOVE LOVE Georgetown Hill Darnestown!!! Everyone is so wonderful., Our daughter is so happy each day as she runs in the front door. She loves her teachers: Ms. Ciara and Ms.Stephanie and Ms. Sylvia if she has to go in early! Megan and Patti are always super helpful if we need help with anything! WE couldn't be happier!! Happiest Place on Earth for our Little Girl right now!!!

Krystal Finley gave Georgetown Hill Early School a 5 star review

It’s very rare that I edit a review, however I recently discovered the teacher I referenced below and spoke so highly of is now part of the Administration staff at Georgetown Hill ES Apple Ridge. Mrs. Breanna is an amazing educator with a background in special education. Not only is she an incredible teacher but she is a fantastic artist and above all she’s the sweetest mother to 2 cherub faced adorable kids. I know if Georgetown Hill has decided to advance Mrs. Breanna to the Administration staff then that tells me they are headed in the right direction. I am retracting my earlier statements and hope anyone that reads these reviews will give Georgetown Hill Apple Ridge a chance. My son was more than prepared to move on to kindergarten all thanks to Mrs. Breanna’s dedication and true caring nature. I know one of the parent’s from my son’s class was a kindergarten teacher and told me she was not even teaching her 1st graders some of the things our 4-5 year olds were learning. Best of luck Mrs. Breanna, I know you will do amazing things and keep Georgetown Hill up to the highest of standards. ___________________________________________________ Administration is horrible. Teachers turn over every year. Way over priced. The only redeeming thing is Miss Breanna (Not pictured). If you can get her as a teacher then it's worth the price. She kept up with my little one even when he wasn't in her class. When my little man left he was fully prepared for kindergarten. They had another great teacher but she retired to Florida.

Adrienne Lettré Keyser gave Georgetown Hill Early School a 4 star review

I have been with Georgetown Hill (Apple Ridge) going on four years now. I love seeing how much the kids grow and develop throughout their preschool years; some of these changes I even get to see into their school age years! Georgetown Hill feels more like a home away from home for me. I am looking forward to having my own babies grow up there in the next few years.

Ana Mooney gave Georgetown Hill Early School a 5 star review

I HIGHLY recommend Georgetown Hill Apple Ridge! I have worked/been in other centers, and NOTHING compares to what you will get at this preschool! The administration is highly EXPERIENCED in childcare/education, and the children are their TOP priority. Staff morale is excellent resulting in a positive and nurturing environment for your child, and their culture and mission are highly regarded when it comes to the development of your child. You will not regret GHES Apple Ridge! 🍎

Taylor Magda gave Georgetown Hill Early School a 5 star review

We love Georgetown Hill! I was nervous to leave my infant in daycare, but from the start the teachers and administrators at Apple Ridge have put me at ease. My daughter loves her teachers and classmates, and you can tell the teachers really care about their students. I like that they use an app to log daily activities (bottles, diaper changes, etc.) and share photos and videos so that I can check through the day. After being at GHES, I wouldn't want to send my daughter anywhere else.

Sara Yaworski gave Georgetown Hill Early School a 5 star review