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If you’re like us, your first question is probably: “Is this for real?” I can tell you that yes, indeed, Daniel and LandQuest are an honest company with honest intentions. Our land sale was a fairly emotional one and Daniel’s demeanor and process made it very easy. If you’re in a situation where you’re looking to sell, you’ll be in trustworthy hands.... See More

Ted T gave LandQuest Pro a 5 star Review

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Daniel and working with LandQuest Pro. I have been very impressed with how truly dedicated to helping others he is and how he always does what he says, which is a rare thing to find these days. I highly recommend them!

Harry A gave LandQuest Pro a 5 star Review

This company is legit and they are the real deal. Daniel is a professional and he treats his customers like family...

Noam Ofan recommends LandQuest Pro on Facebook

I’ve had a great experience working with Daniel, he always says what he’s going to do. I’d have no problem vouching for him and his company. Daniel’s the real deal and I’d be happy to do business with him again....

Matt Bailey recommends LandQuest Pro on Facebook

I've been working with Daniel for about a year and a half, and have purchased several pieces of vacant land from him. He is a terrific communicator, has high level integrity, and always does exactly what he says he will do. Always a positive experience. I will continue to do business with him, and would highly recommend him to others....

Larry Stewart recommends LandQuest Pro on Facebook

Daniel and his staff were great to work with - timely responses to my queries, reasonable when it came to setting the terms of the land sale and put up with the added difficulty of dealing with multiple parties to close the deal. Highly recommended!...

Curtis Carney recommends LandQuest Pro on Facebook

Daniel made this transaction a breeze! I was very impressed by his prompt responses and his fairness throughout the transaction. I didn't experience any problems and would be happy to deal with LandQuest Pro in the future. Thanks for everything!...

Nicole Rosmarino gave LandQuest Pro a 5 star Review on Facebook

Daniel Bear made the whole transaction convenient and worry free! Would love to do business with him again!...

Bailey Lanier gave LandQuest Pro a 5 star Review on Facebook

When it comes to issues concerning real estate, not everything always goes as planned. In situations like this you want someone on your team that is knowledgeable, honest, and thinks of the long-term picture instead of just short-term goals. While working with Daniel I have consistently been impressed again and again with his ability to problem solve, think outside the box, and go far over and above what is needed to ensure the people he is working with have a positive experience. Daniel is absolutely... Read More...

John Fedro gave LandQuest Pro a 5 star Review on Facebook

I had the pleasure of working with Daniel in 2016 on a real estate project. He helped me find the deal and then continued to help me finish it through to the end. I was impressed with his level of integrity and ability to see the job through. I am grateful for the learning experience and would be glad to work with him again....

Jennifer Clements gave LandQuest Pro a 5 star Review on Facebook

I have known Daniel for several years. He was raised in a small town community and learned the value of what trust and integrity are. He exudes these lessons in his everyday life. Daniel is one of those people who loves others and it is immediately apparent to those who meet him. In my opinion, your getting to know him professionally or personally will result in a great experience....

Daniel Cirbo gave LandQuest Pro a 5 star Review on Facebook

Daniel is Awesome! He has really gone the extra mile to ensure a professional experience every time, with every customer. He is super easy to talk to, and you can tell he places honesty and integrity at a very high level in all he does. I'd highly recommend both Daniel Bear & Land Bin!!!...

Nathan Sprenger gave LandQuest Pro a 5 star Review on Facebook

I've had the opportunity to get to know Daniel over the past year and am continually impressed by his leadership and management prowess. Daniel is one of the most tenacious and brightest individuals I've ever met. His astuteness and his ability to take initiative are unparalleled....

Reid Levy gave LandQuest Pro a 5 star Review on Facebook