Janet G gave Elegant Restoration, Inc a 5 star review

I would like to thank Dave Chmura, Elegant Restoration, Inc. for the great job that he and his crew did after a damaging flood occurred in my office/pharmacy. The flooding that occurred from a corroded hot water heater caused significant water in the critical areas of the office and pharmacy late Saturday evening, 9/24/16. Dave and his crew were called by Hill Management and they were on site within a few hours of the event. The crew worked throughout the night into Sunday morning until all the water had been removed from the critical work areas allowing me to be operational Sunday morning. I greatly appreciate the timeliness of the work that they did and how comforting it was to me that we could resolve the issue in the critical areas in time to open. Dave and his crew were efficient, professional and kind during this difficult time and I would highly recommend Elegant Restoration, Inc. Thank you again for the quick response! Diane Chmel Director of Pharmacy Elkridge, MD See More

Diane C gave Elegant Restoration, Inc a 5 star review
meg C gave Elegant Restoration, Inc a 5 star review

Elegant Restoration is a fantastic company, and expedited their service to take care of my house issues. See More

Steven S gave Elegant Restoration, Inc a 5 star review

My husband Mike and I couldn't have been more satisfied with the professionalism and renovation process that Elegant Restoration provided following what was a devasting mishap. Upon completion our home was restored not only to the level of new construction, but beyond. We would in the future and have already recommended their services to any other home owner in need. See More

Tami C gave Elegant Restoration, Inc a 5 star review

Elegant Restoration was a great company to work with! From the project's beginning to completion, Elegant restoration provided excellent customer service, attention to detail, and professionalism. See More

Angela R gave Elegant Restoration, Inc a 5 star review

We had a sewerage backup in our lower level of a bi level home. I was introduced to Elegant Restoration, Inc. by my drain man, who has worked with Elegant in the past. BEST REFERRAL EVER. Dave and his staff were here in an instant and removed all the mess and tested for mold. Dave and his wonderful staff took over everything, from contacting the insurance company to the laying of the carpet. The guys were incredible! They were here and then gone. I would recommend Elegant Restoration as the best company that I have ever worked with before. There are too many names to list, but they were all wonderful. We have our home back, better than before. See More

Gina B gave Elegant Restoration, Inc a 5 star review

We highly recommend Elegant Restoration !! On December 20th, we had a sewer back up in our basement. Within 4 hours of finding this horrible situation, they were on site and working on cleaning up the mess!! They did an AMAZING job and the crew was so friendly and respectful. We will definitely continue to share our experience and will direct everyone to this wonderful company. Again THANK YOU!!! See More

Angie R gave Elegant Restoration, Inc a 5 star review

As the Executive Director of an apartment complex for the elderly, I am very cautious about the vendors we bring into the building. Elegant Restoration came in and helped to develop a disaster recovery guide. This proved extremely useful when we recently had a grey water back-up in an apartment, our office and our common area. They responded quickly, worked diligently to remove the soiled and damaged areas. Most importantly, they treated my residents and staff respectfully. They helped in every way possible, even assisting us in preserving our residents belongings. Their knowledge of our building helped speed the process of recovery. I would highly recommend their services. Dave, Buck and all the staff did a great job cleaning up our mess. See More

Tina P gave Elegant Restoration, Inc a 5 star review