Cheryl R gave Dr. Herman Kupeyan a 5 star review

I was very pleased with the dental treatment that I received at your office. Not being one who relishes dental visits, I felt comfortable and appreciated the caring individuals who looked after me. They seemed to take pride in their work and showed real concern when causing me pain. At my age I was not really planning to have this much work done (too pricey) but now I am glad I did. My wife is pleased with the improvement in looks. The office (including staff) has been extremely client friendly. I almost look forward to my visits. See More

Arnold R gave Dr. Herman Kupeyan a 5 star review

I reached out to Dr. Kupeyan several years ago on the advice of my dentist Dr. Richard Dimitrijevic. I was trying to function for many years with upper and lower partials that were secured to a few dilapidated teeth. After a long consultation with Dr. Kupeyan and his professional staff, they put together a plan to rid me of the non functioning medieval dental set up that was destroying my mouth. The procedure was long, and at times difficult, especially during the denture and temporary upper bridge stages. I’m glad I persevered and followed Dr Kupeyan’s recommendations for I can now eat, talk and smile with confidence. A heartfelt thanks to everyone on staff for sharing their extensive knowledge and guidance. This has been an incredible life changing experience. I’m truly grateful! Sincerely, Sam See More

Sam C gave Dr. Herman Kupeyan a 5 star review

Great people, great service! Very happy with my smile. See More

Noon A gave Dr. Herman Kupeyan a 5 star review

It has been most pleasurable for me to have been a patient of Dr. Kupeyan. Before having this procedure my self confidence level was very low. I never knew what tooth was going to hurt when I woke up. I was tired of always being on antibiotics which as we know is not good! I never wanted to have pictures taken because I would have to smile. Now I feel like I have been reborn. No more infections and no more pain. I have you and your staff to thank for that. I am more confident and not afraid to smile. It has been an experience that I will thank you for the rest of my life. Many praises for the kindness and professionalism of you and all your staff! With great appreciation.... -- Josie P See More

Josie P gave Dr. Herman Kupeyan a 5 star review

I have been coming to Dr. Kupeyan‘s office since 2000. I have a cleft palate and hair lip. I had an anterior bridge that was wearing down. The rest of my teeth were also severely worn. I had implants put in and it was the best decision I ever made!! It took approximately 4 years because my case was so extensive. Bone grafting was part of my treatment plan. Dr. Kupeyan and his dental team were very patient and knowledgeable. I still go in for regular check up and cleaning appointments!! See More

Tom S gave Dr. Herman Kupeyan a 5 star review

Dr. K and his team have been taking care of my dental health since the year 2000. To say they have transformed my mouth is a truth. What great team he has. The best! See More

Marian T gave Dr. Herman Kupeyan a 5 star review

I have had a very good experience with Dr Kupeyan. The office staff were educational and very friendly. I broke two teeth in an old bridge. It was hanging by a thread. They booked me in ASAP and it was all done in a 4 hr procedure. I walked out with a new bridge held in with 2 implants. A new procedure called PRF was used to promote bone growth, healing with my own blood. I walked out the day of surgery and felt great! I am looking forward to the final porcelain bridge within 9 months!! Dr. Kupeyan is very friendly and caring he makes you feel comfortable throughout the entire procedure! I would strongly recommend Smile and Body! See More

Marcel O gave Dr. Herman Kupeyan a 5 star review

Many thanks to Dr K and team for their excellent experience they provided for both of us. My son Marc was born with many dental issues and through the years we were sent to Dr K. After surgery, crowns , implants, and braces we have a"Million Dollar Smile". I too have been blessed by the Smile team and received braces once Marc was finished. During my process of getting braces I developed a disease( not related to my dental work) ...A meeting with the team was had and a plan was developed for my situation. Four years later I'm doing great and my teeth are Beautiful. I'm so proud of their plan they developed for me , they never once gave up on me...they truly went the extra mile ! Thanks for the Beautiful Smile , Marc & Cathy. See More

Cathy and Marc B gave Dr. Herman Kupeyan a 5 star review

My experience at Dr. Kupeyan's office has been nothing short of phenomenal. From the moment I walked into the office I was greeted by Jana, who is absolutely wonderful. I was then taken care of by a team of professionals including Linda, Mara, Carm, and Dr. K himself. They treated me like family. I expressed my fears and concerns and they reassured me that I had nothing to worry about. They were right. I finally feel confident about my smile. I actually enjoying going for regular check-ups and cleaning appointments because I feel that I'm treated as a friend, rather than a patient. I highly recommend them. See More

Laura N gave Dr. Herman Kupeyan a 5 star review

All of my life I have had problems with my teeth! I have had a lot of work done over the last 6 years. I've had teeth removed then had braces and jaw surgery. I came to this amazing place through the McGivney Centre. I was blown away by the generosity and professionalism by Dr. Kupeyan and his amazing team!! Due to of all his hard work, now I can smile with confidence. I am happy with my new look! Thank you Dr. Kupeyan and and Smile and Body for all you have done❤️ See More

Darian M gave Dr. Herman Kupeyan a 5 star review

My case was a challenge for Dr.K and his staff. I was born with a genetic disorder where I was unable to live my life to the fullest. With the amazing staff and help with the John McGivney centre I was able to gain my confidence and smile where ever I go. Every time I walk into the office it feels like home. Love stepping foot in the door knowing I'm well taken care of. Thank you Smile and Body! See More

Sierra J gave Dr. Herman Kupeyan a 5 star review

Before the dental implants I suffered daily with toothaches, headaches and endless sinus infections. Eating was a painful and time-consuming chore. Implants have changed everything for me. I am now able to eat normally and enjoy food again without pain. Dr. Kupeyan and his staff were very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable throughout this whole process. Questions were always answered not brushed aside . Everyone always took his or her time to make sure I understood instructions for treatment and after care before I left the office. They explained everything in detail and they did what they said they would do. I am very happy with the final result ; I even have a smile now!! I would not hesitate to recommend Smile and Body to anyone in need of quality dental services. Also by returning to the office for regular maintenance I feel that Dr. Kupeyan and his staff will monitor changes and prevent future problems from arising again. See More

Harold J gave Dr. Herman Kupeyan a 5 star review

The whole team at Smile and Body have been very supportive and amazing throughout my long journey. Thank you to Dr. Kupeyan and his staff for giving me my smile back! See More

Sonia C gave Dr. Herman Kupeyan a 5 star review

I've been coming here since 1987. During this time I've had everything from my cleanings to crowns, bridges, partial dentures and finally my implants. I couldn't be happier with the way I've been treated over the years. I feel like one of the family! I recommend this office whenever I get the chance! See More

Carol D gave Dr. Herman Kupeyan a 5 star review

Dr. "K" has been taking care of my teeth for over 20 years. He and his staff bring a level of knowledge and professionalism that is unmatched in my eyes.

Paul Drouillard gave Smile and Body a 5 star review

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