Dr. Crill was great. In addition to treating my lower and mid back issues, he was able to fix my ankles which have been locked up for some time. It was great to find a chiropractor who can do more than spinal adjustments. See More

Daniel P gave Crill Chiropractic a 5 star Review

I have seen Dr. Crill working with patients at the clinic where we both volunteer. He has helped many people over the last 4 years I have watched him and at times helped me as well. Recently I had a recurrence of problems due to motorcycle injuries. I went to Dr. Crill and he has helped alleviate the pain in just a few visits. He has reduced my sciatic pain greatly and I am walking much better. My neck is much more flexible and the neuropathy in my arms and hands is greatly reduced. I highly recommend Dr. Crill for his knowledge, skill and compassion for the patient. See More

Darryl C gave Crill Chiropractic a 5 star Review

We are new to the area and were recommended to Dr. Crill by our massage therapist, who said he was very thorough and effective. We both had some specific problem areas that needed work and he has been very diligent in addressing them, and other areas that we did not know about! Although we are not back to 100% yet, within a month we have gotten 75-90% of our mobility back, and I expect within the next month we will both be back to 100%, or as close as our bodies can get. He uses many different techniques to work through your body, finding the path that is the most effective for you, usually taking 30 minutes to make sure he has done as much as he can for you during your visit. Dr. Crill is also very easy to communicate with, we call him our chiropractic savant, he truly has an incredible gift for healing. See More

Karen R gave Crill Chiropractic a 5 star Review

If I could give 100 stars a would. I’ve never felt as if someone took as much interest into how I was feeling as Dr. Crill . Bottom line is, I feel great!! And I’m not much of a chiropractic guy. I guess I am now. Thanks Dr. Crill!! See More

Doug A gave Crill Chiropractic a 5 star Review

I’m so happy with the quality & effectiveness of care from Dr. Crill. He is extremely knowledgeable & pays close attention to detail. I have a much wider range of motion & significantly less pain since I’ve been seeing him than I have had in years. He has my total trust. His staff is fantastic also — always friendly & helpful. See More

Rhonda G gave Crill Chiropractic a 5 star Review

Dr. Crill is working wonders on my shoulders and back. During a past surgery I developed a posture problem and pain in my trapezius muscles. I would highly recommended anyone struggling with any muscle skeletal issues to contact Dr Crill. He is very affordable and works with insurance. See More

Kathleen B gave Crill Chiropractic a 5 star Review

I have been to many Chiropractor’s over the years, so I can say Dr.Crill is one of the best! I couldn’t lift my knee up and just after one visit, I was able to. Dr.Crill applies methods that are unique and brings results! I am very cautious about who I see after some not so good Chiropractor’s in the past. If you want results, relief from pain, in a not drawn out for months with lots of visits, but in a more timely manner, then see Dr. Crill. He really takes the time with you to get you better. See More

jonniekaye P gave Crill Chiropractic a 5 star Review

I have been seeing chiropractor's for over twenty years. I have had a lot of neck and lower back issues. Nobody has been able to bring me the relief that Dr Chrill has . I highly recommend him . See More

Tom H gave Crill Chiropractic a 5 star Review

Dr Crills was great. He was friendly and made my first time visiting a chiropractor not so scary for me since I’ve never worked with one ever. I recommend him for anyone he was just great. See More

Joann W gave Crill Chiropractic a 4 star Review

Dr. Crill is focused. He takes the time nescessary to get to know all of the spine. Great results! See More

Vincent W gave Crill Chiropractic a 5 star Review

My first visit was amazing! I had so much pain and I left his office feeling like I could walk comfortably again. I highly recommend Dr. Crill! See More

Roxanne D gave Crill Chiropractic a 5 star Review

Dr. Scott Crill is perhaps the best Chiropractor I have ever been treated by, over 68 years of experience of this holistic healing method. He is skilled above and beyond the average practitioner, with his focus on neurological and energy work which performs great structural and biological changes at the cellular level, thereby aligning the body into wholeness and physiological integrity. This review is to highly recommend Crill Chiropractic, located in Auburn, California, to anyone who has long standing problems, as I have, and to encourage an attitude toward successful outcomes, as I can state, positively, has been my result over the 2 years of my healing experience. Excellence, Integrity, Consciousness and a solid Spiritual foundation are Dr. Crill's personal qualities. Kathleen Olsson Nelson, PhD, Counseling and Medical Psychologist. See More

Kathleen N gave Crill Chiropractic a 5 star Review

Excellent friendly service always make time for me. I could barely walk the first time I saw dr Crill he had me up and moving the next day definitely would recommend See More

Corey G gave Crill Chiropractic a 5 star Review

Dr. Crill is one of the best chiropractors I've been to. He is extremely knowledgeable and really takes his time. I would recommend him without reservation. He also has a great sense of humor which really helps when you're hurting. He is also a great person to work for. See More

sharon W gave Crill Chiropractic a 5 star Review

Excellent service See More

George F gave Crill Chiropractic a 5 star Review

Been coming here for months now and gaining ground and a long term injury. First signs of improvement in years. After years of searching Dr. Crill is making improvements.

John enzenauer gave Dr. Crill's Pain Relief Centers a 5 star review

I was very impressed with Dr. Crill. He was able to take his time and really find a problem with my lower back. Once he found the problem he spent the time to work on my lower back and correct it. He had me raise my right knee and my left knee which revealed a problem in my hips. From there he continue to work on my back in my lower back until the problem is resolved and my lower back feels great now thank you.

Vince W Baker gave Dr. Crill's Pain Relief Centers a 5 star review

Dr Crill is an extremely nice doctor! My back was in so much pain, I could barely breathe or let alone tie my shoes and just after the first appointment I knew it wasn’t going to take as long as I thought to get my back back. I was back to work before I knew it, back to my old self. It is my go to spot for my pain relief!

Chase Wells gave Dr. Crill's Pain Relief Centers a 5 star review

I came to Dr Crill with pain in my shoulder and arm from a degenerative dics condition. After his treatments, all pain is gone. Highly recommend this Doctor.

Arthur Beall gave Dr. Crill's Pain Relief Centers a 5 star review
Mandy Helton gave Crill Chiropractic a 5 star review

Oh, he's a chiropractor? I told all my friends that he was an actual wizard with magical powers. Because I think maybe he is. If you have pain or an injury that is mysteriously persistent and won't heal no matter what you do, please give Dr. Crill a chance to use his wizard spells on you...I mean...help you. As a human chiropractor. He's made a huge difference for my husband and his many kayaking injuries. After my first pregnancy, I had some lower back pain that gradually increased until I could not move. Dr. Crill saw me on a moment's notice and worked on me until the pain was completely gone, never to return. I know many river guides who should be a lot more messed up physically than they are thanks to Dr. Crill's services. I have told him a few times to get a facebook page because I know many people who would love to get the word out about his magical powers.

5 years ago

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