I would definitely recommend Credilife to anyone that doesn’t know where to start or too busy to repair their credit themselves. Their team of professionals get right to work and stay on top of everything. Their recommendations and advice are top notched. I will definitely recommend credilife to my family and hope my testament persuades someone to trust them with their credit needs. See More

Gabriel M gave Credilife® a 5 star Review

I'm a huge procrastinator so having credilife was amazing. They sent all of the letters, disputed and removed all the dings on my credit report, told me exactly what to apply for, how long to wait, how much to spend and now i have a 710 credit score with the tools and knowledge to have an 800. They definitely know their stuff and if i ever feel stuck financially i would go back to them every time. See More

Michael L gave Credilife® a 5 star Review
Raymond J gave Credilife® a 5 star Review
Vincent B gave Credilife® a 5 star Rating
Luis M gave Credilife® a 5 star Rating
Katrina H gave Credilife® a 5 star Rating
Nicole C gave Credilife® a 5 star Rating

Obviously everyone's results might be different and/or take longer, but we went up over 100 points in 3 months! We never thought a mortgage would be possible, but after working with Credilife, we are purchasing a new home! See More

Dawn D gave Credilife® a 5 star Review

Credilife was a good experience and helped me learn a lot of things about credit, and how it plays a huge part in a person having buying power and a sense of worth not being declined every time applying for credit. They make it easy to understand what exactly is going on, and have a plan going into the journey with you. They try to set a direction to your ultimate goal(s), and help you with the coaching calls to stay on course. My Vantage score through Smartcredit was a 577 when I started out with them about 7 months ago and as of today my vantage score on there is a 713. 136 point increase is definitely nice, thanks to their help. They helped get some negative/collection accounts removed that i settled, repaired a couple accounts, and gave good sound advice. There are things on my report yet that i had hoped would come off, but I'm realistic and know some things just take time. Definitely worth a look into if you're wanting to change your credit and credit habits and start on the road to getting your buying power back. See More

Andrew L gave Credilife® a 4 star Review

Rick and the team at Credilife are amazing! They have turned my credit completely around and made our dream of owning a home a reality! I could not be more grateful and pleased with everything they have done for our credit! See More

Amy B gave Credilife® a 5 star Review

Wow. It’s only been a few months and my credit score has jumped tremendously and my credit report is clean. Can’t thank these guys enough....

dominik wirz gave Credilife® a 5 star Review on Google

Wow. These guys are incredible. In just a few months my credit score has jumped to the point that I got a car loan. My credit report is now clean. Can’t thank them enough. See More

Dominik W gave Credilife® a 5 star Review
Isaac O gave Credilife® a 5 star Rating
Catherine H gave Credilife® a 5 star Rating
Gerald E gave Credilife® a 5 star Rating
Rachel Anne Recommends Credilife®

When I stated with Credilife I wanted to be done with life & everything. I was in a really bad place in my life think abuse/divorce etc a couple months after I started with them & not only did they help coach & guide me on my repair journey but they were there for me to support me & help me with my issues when I had nobody else to talk to. I ended up in the Hospital & wasn't expected to survive but I believe because of the prayers of so many including credilife my life was spared & I am so thankful to them for that as well as everything else they are doing to help dig me out of a huge hole I have created. All of this to say, they not only care about your credit but they care about you as a person, way more then any other company would. They go out of their way a lot to help & encourage People Clients or not. Big shout out to Chaz G for being an AMAZING Coach & kicking my butt into gear to many times to count. Credilife is the B-O-M-B.COM

1 week ago
Gerald Etienne Recommends Credilife®

I started Credilife about 8 months with 12 negative accounts and my credit score was around 525 average for all 3 credit bureau. I had the pleasure of working with my coach Isaac and he’s been nothing but amazing to me and family. I can always count on him to answer his phone, answer my emails in a timely manner (most of the times within minutes). With his help i was able to remove all 12 accounts and settled with the original creditor at a lesser amount than originally owed. My credit score is currently in the 700s throughout all 3 credit bureaus and I’m happy to say I’ll be graduating soon from the program and my dream of being an home owner is finally a reality, not a fantasy. I’ve learned so much about my credit, credit reporting and overall credit wealth. I’m thankful for Isaac and the entire Credilife team

2 months ago
Elizabeth D Cloud Recommends Credilife®

Just finished up a phone call with Chris and it was well worth my time. He is very knowledgeable and delivered information based upon my very own accounts. I’m just a mama trying to buy a house for my family one day. What are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment.

2 months ago
Carrie Ann Recommends Credilife®

Credilife set me up for Credit Success!!! From the Credit Blueprint which clearly set up a tangible plan with steps I needed to take to get to my end goal to the Coaching Calls- Credilife was worth every penny. My credit score went from 550 to 709 and my credit profile became very solid. I would recommend to anyone who needs help with repairing their credit to take the journey with Credilife!

3 months ago
Liz Ann Recommends Credilife®

Jerrad and his team are knowledgeable, helpful, caring and resourceful. I’ve worked with Jerrad off and on for a number of years to rebuild and re-establish my credit and he has always gone above and beyond to help me out from the initial consult down to being done with his program and still offering coaching advice. If you’re even considering credit repair/coaching, do yourself a favor and contact Credilife!

4 months ago
David R Youngs Recommends Credilife®

I've known Jerrad Havins and his team for several years now and they do a phenomenal job in being true advocates for their clients. They go above and beyond your traditional credit repair company, by really looking at the whole picture. They genuinely care about people and are always looking for ways they can offer more. I recommend them to all of my mortgage clients that could benefit from the level of help they can provide. They're the best in the business!

5 months ago
LeVondra Evans Recommends Credilife®

Credilife is thee BEST! I went from a 560 to a 620 in month!

8 months ago
Missy Totenhagen Recommends Credilife®

We have had excellent luck with this company! Knowledgeable, respectful and kind people to work with!

9 months ago
Kelsey Gibson Recommends Credilife®

My experience with this company has been amazing. I started back in May with no clue how to get my score up. The education I received in budgeting, Credit utilization, and more has been such a help. I feel like the coaches all work together to help you achieve your goals and they are highly accessible if needed. Overall, I've recommended this company to my friends and family and they are the only "credit repair" place I'll ever endorse. Thanks guys!

9 months ago
Jenn Ouverson Recommends Credilife®

Nothing but great things to say about Credilife! They were knowledgable, had great communication and follow thru! Thanks for walking me thru each step of the way!

11 months ago
Kayleigh Del Terzo gave Credilife® a 5 star review

This company knows what they are doing! Highly Recommend!!

11 months ago
Tracy Ndiyob gave Credilife® a 5 star review
1 year ago
April Cunningham gave Credilife® a 5 star review

I love this company! They are certified professionals and help out with so many different aspects so you can achieve financial wellness!!

1 year ago
Abraham Traore gave Credilife® a 5 star review

I’m so grateful to Credit Life for showing me all the tricks and tips of credit education!Started 8 months ago with high 500 score with a derogatory account. Now my score is 750 with the derogatory account definitely removed and the opening of revolving and installment accounts! I’m ready for a new car and will be soon ready for a mortgage! Thank you very much Credit Life.

1 year ago
Lauren Elizabeth gave Credilife® a 5 star review

The only credit repair group I trust ! Worth every penny

1 year ago
Marc Brooks gave Credilife® a 5 star review

Simply the best in the business. Educational and sustainable financial wellness solutions. They are factual, ethical, and on point. They get they help you reach your goals quickly while providing educational resources and teachings that people can continue to implement long after graduating from the program.

1 year ago
Natasha Perez gave Credilife® a 5 star review

Credit life is an amazing group of people that give you the TRUE ways to improve your credit. They give advice that is long term and legal! I'd reccomenred them to anyone!

2 years ago
Tammy Parton gave Credilife® a 5 star review
2 years ago
Isaac Oconner gave Credilife® a 5 star review
2 years ago
Miranda Paige gave Credilife® a 5 star review

This team has helped me to a better life and credit score!

2 years ago
Shaina Place gave Credilife® a 5 star review
2 years ago
Cynthia Hwang gave Credilife® a 5 star review

So helpful. Changing lives. Good people. Nicest people.

2 years ago
Becka Jayne gave Credilife® a 5 star review

Credit Life. Oct 24, 2017 6:51pm Had a FREE initial consult with Chris K recently and it was great! I highly recommend anyone that wants to check into their credit situation (good or bad) to have a consult, it can never hurt to see where you stand and what you can improve upon. I can't believe I was given such great information and guidance for free! I plan on purchasing a house in the next year so I thought I might as well see where I'm at. Chris gave me some great tips on easy ways to increase my score before I buy so I can get the best interest rate possible.

2 years ago

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