Our daughters are CKA Alums, and we LOVED their time there!! Our daughters had amazing teachers: sweet, kind, loving! They learned developmentally appropriate skills and make life-long friends. We are still in touch with their teachers, several years after moving to elementary school. Our girls and our family made life-long friends with other CKA kids and families and with the staff. We are so very glad CKA is part of our family’s story!! See More

Susan B gave Country Kids Academy a 5 star Review

My daughter just finished her 4th year at this place, graduating to kindergarten this year. You know your child is happy when it is time to pick them up, they don't want to go home yet! That's a great sign...trying not to take it personally :) My daughter gave a big, long hug to the teacher on her last day. I can honestly say they treated her with the utmost love and care.

Pros: After looking at other day care centers, we chose this one due to the friendly and attentive atmosphere we encountered... Read More...

DrWho Faceofboe gave Country Kids Academy a 5 star Review on Google

My son attended Country Kids Academy from the time he was an infant all the way through pre-school. The teachers taught my little man to communicate with sign language before he could even talk which blew me away. Truly is a learning academy where your little ones grow and learn not just a place to park your kids while you are at work....

Michael Braswell recommends Country Kids Academy on Facebook

absolutely love CKA & their staff...

Melinda M Merrill recommends Country Kids Academy on Facebook

My granddaughter attends this school and we are so happy with the environment. She is happy & so smart- developing ina positive and encouraging culture- I love the rooms- set up for learning and exploring, the staff truly have a place in their hearts for each child they teach....

Kerin and Alex Misiunas gave Country Kids Academy a 5 star Review on Google

LOVE LOVE LOVE Country Kids Academy!! My kids absolutely love this school, and I love the people there!! I have never met a teacher that I didn’t think was one of the best people I’ve ever met. Everyone is so sweet! And it speaks volumes that their pre-k program got my 4 year old completely ready for kindergarten. She is soaring in kinder, even though she is the youngest in her class! Very very happy with the experience we’ve had with y’all!!...

Taylor Olds recommends Country Kids Academy on Facebook

My daughter has been coming to CKA for 3 years now. I have been very happy with the care and attention she has received. Thank you for all that you do CKA....

Jamie Robbins gave Country Kids Academy a 4 star Review on Facebook

My youngest child has been coming to CKA snce she was 18mths old and weare finishing up our last few weeks before she transitions into Kindergarten. My daughter has always been well cared for and the staff is friendly. I appreciate the activities and learning experiences my daughter has had since being at CKA. I feel well informed of my childs progress....

Jamie Myles gave Country Kids Academy a 4 star Review on Google

Great Place. Children here are always happy. The staff is welcoming and provide honest and open communication. Would recomend....

Jonathan Gillis gave Country Kids Academy a 5 star Review on Google

My two older kiddos came through here - they loved it, and we loved having them there. My third is still there, and the standard of care is still outstanding....

Jeanette Sosa Burciaga gave Country Kids Academy a 5 star Review on Facebook

We were in CKA for more than 4 years and we were delighted with the school. From the moment we started we felt in a professional environment that really cares for the healthy development of our daughter. Teachers really care about the kids. In this center they have the expertise to properly support the children in every face of growing up. We started with our daughter being a toddler and we left with a little child that was ready to face the kindergarten’s challenge (ex.she was learning to read !!!) .... Read More...

Maria Calcagno gave Country Kids Academy a 5 star Review on Google

This place is fantastic! My daughter has been going for years and loves it! Their staff treat your kids like family and they truly show they care about each individual child’s growth and development. I doubt I could find a better place to send her. I absolutely recommend Country Kids to everyone I know. Having personally witnessed crazy parents at several daycares/camps over the years (as most normal parents have), I wouldn’t trust the crazy reviews that are the exception to all of the great reviews... Read More...

Fatima Molina gave Country Kids Academy a 5 star Review on Google

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