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This was such an awesome experience! So relaxing and beautiful. I came out refreshed and feeling really at peace and energetic. This is really a 5 star experience. Staff was absolutely professional. This was a salt cave done to perfection.

Regina H gave 5 Star Salt Caves a 5 star Review

AMAZING! In the beginning, I felt a heaviness in my chest, but it quickly subsided and I started to feel my body calm down. I could almost feel my blood pressure decreasing as I sat there. It was the best 50 minutes I had that didn't involve a massage.

Scherri W gave 5 Star Salt Caves a 5 star Review

This was my first time in a salt cave and it was absolutely wonderful! I had the sensation of floating and experienced deep relaxation. The cave is beautiful and the staff very friendly. I plan on making this salt cave a part of my wellness routine.

Andrea A gave 5 Star Salt Caves a 5 star Review

The Salt Cave is definitely a relaxing experience. I don't remember being in a room with 10 people and it being so quiet. Was amazed when the lights went up. I couldn't believe 50 minutes had passed. It felt like 20 minutes. The blankets provided are a nice touch. I purchased this visit with Groupon and will be going back again. Very much enjoyed the experience. Very professional and very comfortable. ... See More

Beverly V gave 5 Star Salt Caves a 5 star Review

I brought my friend with me for the detox package (foot bath, sauna and salt cave), and we left feeling tremendously peaceful! The following day, I felt as though a huge burden was lifted from me, and felt the most comfortable in my body that I have in many months! I'm definitely going to make this a regular practice! THANK YOU!... See More

Linda H gave 5 Star Salt Caves a 5 star Review

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