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Ann B gave 5 Star Salt Caves a 5 star Video Review
Matt B gave 5 Star Salt Caves a 5 star Video Review
David P gave 5 Star Salt Caves a 5 star Video Review
Sarah V gave 5 Star Salt Caves a 5 star Video Review
Janet D gave 5 Star Salt Caves a 5 star Video Review

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Alyn M gave 5 Star Salt Caves a 5 star Rating


Judy S gave 5 Star Salt Caves a 5 star Review

A wonderful opportunity to refresh body, mind, and spirit. A refreshing fragrance and welcoming hostess greeted us upon our arrival and directed us to the Infrared Sauna. A clean, well organized and lovely aesthetic led to a nurturing and healing 45 minutes. The next day I experienced a font of new energy and well being. Thank you 5 Stars! I look forward to exploring your other modalities ...... See More

Katerina H gave 5 Star Salt Caves a 4 star Review

Unique and beneficial wellbeing services in an inspiring and soothing environment!

Heather M gave 5 Star Salt Caves a 5 star Review

Two years ago I nearly died from pneumonia. Upon release from my ten day stay in the ICU, my pulmonologist recommended regular salt cave sessions at 5 Star Salt Caves for my damaged respiratory system. My full expected recovery was projected to be two years. After 9 months of regular salt cave sessions, my doctors release me back to work. This was 1 year and three months sooner than they expected. Not only were my lungs healing, but many other aspects of my mind, body and spirit were renewed from my sessions. Markus and Stephanie were so kind, loving and positive. Their attitude and warmth added to my healing process. 5 Star Salt Caves truly deserves a 5 star review!!!!! ... See More

Roben G gave 5 Star Salt Caves a 5 star Review

It was a strange and wonderful experience, The only reason I am giving it a 4 is because it was chilly so it was difficult to relax and my neighbors on both sides snored :) That said I have felt relaxed and sleepy the rest of the day and the staff was lovely.

Lynn S gave 5 Star Salt Caves a 4 star Review

Today was my first time and I enjoyed it so much. I have been fighting a sinus infection for a month and hoping this will help. The ladies at the front desk are very helpful, nice and are pleased to answer any questions. We will be back for sure.

Gisel G gave 5 Star Salt Caves a 5 star Review

Hello! I have had a couple of different experiences at the 5 Star Salt Caves. I did the ionic foot bath (grossed me out to see all the toxins and to match the colors to specific issues in the body. Very accurate for my body. I have experienced the Salt Cave, very relaxing, so much I fell asleep (my daughter said I snored) oh well! I have also experienced the Tibetan Bowls/Mantra...this was in the Salt Cave and it was good, very relaxing! I just love the owners, they are good people!... See More

DIANA R gave 5 Star Salt Caves a 5 star Review

I'm hooked! This is the most amazing experience to feel totally calm and refreshed in less than an hour. The first 10 mins I was mesmerized by looking around, then suddenly felt just quiet and calm. About halfway through my lungs felt lighter and clearer (I'm still feeling lingering effects of a bout with bronchitis), and then the last 20 mins I felt suspended in air. Not in a state of sleep, not fully awake. When the lights came up I was sad the experience was over. There are lots of fun items to purchase out front, and deciding what to buy was part of the adventure. I now have a beautiful salt lamp with it's golden glow in my bedroom. I will definitely be back and bring people with me, as well as spread the word about this hidden gem in Denver. ... See More

Kathy S gave 5 Star Salt Caves a 5 star Review
Tomdee S gave 5 Star Salt Caves a 5 star Review

A peaceful oasis in Denver. I didn’t know much about the benefits of salt, but my first session was guided by the owner herself. There is nothing but a vibe of peace and wellness in this establishment. A wonderful way to renew and set intentions for the week ahead!

Jenny Lamb gave 5 Star Salt Caves Wellness Center a 5 star review

Very relaxing experience! After a long day of hiking this was a perfect way to relax. It is quiet and cold inside the caves but they do provide blankets! They have salt lamps and crystals you can buy also

Haleigh S gave 5 Star Salt Caves Wellness Center a 5 star review

I love this place! The Salt Cave is off the charts. It is so relaxing and effective. I look forward to going here and can't wait to visit again.

Marisa H gave 5 Star Salt Caves Wellness Center a 5 star review

First, I am so grateful for such a kind, lovely staff who answer the phones and operate this salt cave. I so appreciate their customer service and accommodations! The experience in the salt cave is amazing. My first time in their salt cave was for my and my friend's shared birthday celebration in April 2019: we reserved the room for our private party, and our guests were impressed and had a relaxing, healing experience: almost all of our 12 guests have returned on their own to enjoy this experience again in the last year. I have my next appointment booked and am excited to bathe in this wonderful environment that includes thoughtful, nourishing staff and little touches. Thank you! I highly recommend a visit, solo or with friends. Calming, inviting, healing and just-what-I-needed.

Erika M. Schreck gave 5 Star Salt Caves Wellness Center a 5 star review

My review on the 5 Star Salt Cave Wellness Center incorporating a sound bath of crystal bowls. I gifted my husband a special singing bowl event for Christmas! Here's how it went... A bit of background: Halotherapy (salt therapy) clears pollens, viruses, pollutants, and toxins out of the lungs, and nasal passageways, preventing illness. Your respiratory tract will feel rejuvenated with the regular use of halotherapy. While in the cave, I definitely noticed I could breathe more easily and it seemed to have been like magic because my nasal passages opened right up so I could breathe deeply and fully. Sound baths use repetitive notes at different frequencies to help bring your focus away from your thoughts. Generally, these sounds are created with traditional crystal bowls, gemstone bowls, cymbals, and gongs. Each instrument creates a different frequency that vibrates in your body and helps guide you to the meditative and restorative state. Similar to how a yoga class works, each instructor has their own way of creating the flow of a sound bath. Essentially, a sound bath is a meditation class that aims to guide you into a deep meditative state while you're enveloped in ambient sound played by a sound therapist. I did some research on this before, and studies proved that music (in general) can lower blood pressure, decrease pulse rate and assists the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for digestion and some metabolic processes. By using particular combinations of rhythms and frequencies, it is possible to shift our normal beta state (alert, concentrating, reacting) to an alpha (creative, relaxed), and even theta (meditative state) and delta (deep sleep; where restoring and healing can occur). This was our first time, and it left me feeling calm, relaxed & recharged. When we walked into the salt cave at 5 Star, it had spots set up for us with blankets and reclining chairs. It looked like a professional napping set-up, and I was instantly in heaven. The first 15 minutes were filled with breath work and I kept getting distracted by the performance of the instructor. Then I started focusing on the sounds, the environment, and my breathing, and something changed. By the last hour, I felt like I was asleep but was also fully aware of my surroundings. It was wild — I tried to get into a meditative state, and quiet my mind. Not all sound therapists use the same instruments, either. But they should all share the goal of leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Take your time finding the right sound bath for you and treat it the same way you would find your favorite exercise class: through trial and error. The Bottom Line (and the Small Print) Sound baths can be an excellent way to meditate, especially if you're in a rut with your usual self-care routine. However, not every sound bath, nor every person's experience, is the same. Some people find sound baths challenging, and it isn’t unusual to feel frustrated the first 20 or 30 minutes as you work to clear your mind. But as long as you try to focus on the sounds, your breath, and being present, you will likely experience some level of relaxation, even if you don't reach a meditative state. By the end of the session, I wished it was longer, like when you go to a good massage session. It was worth the cost & I would definitely do it again! 👍

Christine E Giddens gave 5 Star Salt Caves Wellness Center a 5 star review

I had the best experience. My girlfriend told me about this spa a month ago & I've been excited to go. I'm in menapause & feel like my energy is stuck as... more

Amanda S. gave 5 Star Salt Caves a 5 star review

I love this place. Knowledgeable staff, friendly and helpful. I love love love their detox foot baths. Powerful and healing, I always feel amazing when I... more

Joy K. gave 5 Star Salt Caves a 5 star review

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