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Romance and Royalty changed my life! I learned so much! For the first time in a long time I feel hope. I've had a lot of dragons that I've held on to for a lot of years. Tonight after coming home I worked on slaying some of those. It hurt, a lot! But as I crinkled and tore that paper I began feeling a sense of freedom I could never before imagine. I opened my scriptures and immediate my eyes fell on Alma 14:26 "...O Lord, give us strength according to our faith which is in Christ, even unto deliverance. And they broke the cords with which they were bound..." I am breaking the cords with which I am bound as I slay these dragons and I feel it in my soul! Thank you so much for giving me the tools I need to not only heal myself, but also my marriage and my family! See More

Emily H gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

Every class I have attended is absolutely amazing. Every course is phenomenal. Kirk teaches in a fun and engaging way. I'm not much for the touching but I understand it's another learning style. I highly recommend any of his classes with full confidence that you'll walk away better then when you came in. In my opinion Kirk is one of the best speakers out there, yes even better than Tony Robbins. Kirk and his team has high morals and values so you never hear a swear word. You won't hear any rude or crude jokes. I would and want to take my 13 and 14 yr old children to 3 Key Elements events. I know that my children would benefit so much. See More

Tony R gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

I loved learning about the psychology of the mind and how the subconscious works. It was very inspirational, informative, and empowering. I would highly recommend MYI to anyone. I only wish I could have brought my 9 year old daughter who needs all the classes 3 keys offers. So do I. Thank you Kirk for following your wife’s insistence. See More

Jenny A gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

I enjoyed my time at Master your influence and learned many things that will aid me I did feel that there was a lot of great information ended up being llong introduction to your other classes . It would have been meaningful to me to have more indepth info for the master your influence class. I realize you need to promote your other clasess but feel the time to do so was in excess .Did i received all the important info indepth for this first class?. Master your influence seemed to be an intro to all the other courses you offer and I was not sure what this course was actually suppose to entail from beginning to the end. Unless the course is Sections of information leading to the interest of your other courses. You have a gift and i enjoyed the question and answer time and how you are able to dissect the question to lead to answers or understandings of what is going on. I plan on attending again to see how the next class plays out and if the information is more complete and indepth to the specific class. See More

Diane A gave 3 Key Elements a 4 star review

This "Master Your Influence" class, gifted to me by my mother and grandmother for Christmas, wasn't the first experience I'd had with much of the given information, but it was absolutely, definitively, the most impactful and influential presentation of it I've ever had. Frankly put: I've been trying to find every way I can to prepare for an LDS mission, and, being well-versed in the teachings of my church but at a lack for teaching skills, I've had intense trouble finding things I can apply to insure my ability to perform at a high standard. This class provided not just incredible and important information, but Kirk provided a wonderful example of teaching, presenting, and mentoring that I hope I can begin to emulate upon my mission as I put the techniques from the class into practice. I'm immensely grateful for the scholarships he provided over the course of the days - it was a rare pleasure to be able to see his unique and kind dealings with others, and his special process of finding people to select. The pauses and care he took as he worked to select recipients spoke volumes to me, and I felt such a thrill of respect, honor, and inspiration each time he announced that he would offer scholarships to all 18 and 19 year-old's present. I'm excited to put into practice the things I've learned here, so that I can be ready in time for my next Seminar, "Present Yourself" to be able to put into practice all the things I learn there so that I can not only be an adept missionary, but also so that I can be able to literally change people's lives, and empower them to find their truth, and act upon true principles. My deepest and sincerest thanks. You've lit a fire under me that I will keep burning. See More

Merlin B gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

This was my first opportunity to attend one of your seminars. WOW so many amazing moments. When I first showed up I was concerned about my kids and their futures, and how my 18 year old was going to enjoy those few days. When you offered the scholarships to the 18 and 19 year olds this mom was in tears. I now have faith that there is hope for these kids. Your story’s out your trip down suicide lane was very hard to listen to because of our daughters struggles with this. It gave me some ideas to help me get my mind in a better spot as well as hers. See More

Charlotte T gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

I needed this weekend at Queen of the Kingdom and I am so grateful for all the skills and lessons I learned. I now, love myself more and know that I am a Queen! Thanks Kim and 3 Key Elements! Xoxo See More

Ashley G gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

Hi- I have been to several events. This time I brought my mom, daughters, and friend. We had a good time but had a really hard time finding sears. See More

Holly H gave 3 Key Elements a 4 star review

Eva Marie F gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

Queen of the Kingdom was an amazing experience, the way I was able to connect with other women was like a symphony !! See More

Erika O gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

I went to queen of the kingdom. I recommend a yearly upgrade for yourself. Go to queen of the kingdom, you'll learn so much how to better take care of yourself. See More

JOLYN A gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

Stefanie P gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

Andrea F gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

Megan D gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

Kim, Do you have any idea what an impact you left on each and every one of us? Also, I hope you are working on a sequel to the online My Destiny. In person was awesome, but I have much more time before the world wakes up (or goes through bed). --- Your new friend, Teresa See More

Teresa P gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

I have attended several 3 Key Elements events. Royalty & Romance was so amazing that we went again 1.5 years after. I loved connecting with my husband and learning ways to stay connected and grow ourselves and our relationship. I’ve also been to Art of Mentoring (my favorite), Present Yourself, & Queen of the Kingdom. I participated in Go Vertical and had an amazing experience and an extremely amazing power team!! I highly recommend going to their events especially Royalty & Romance.

Veronica Young gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

Kirk and Kim Duncan, and the rest of the 3 Key Elements team, are completely in tune with what people need to know today. They are masters of self improvement in every sense. I have attended countless trainings of theirs and have had many firsthand experiences in seeing them practice what they preach. I absolutely love the positive changes that I have created in my life with the techniques they teach, and I am a better person with a greater capacity to serve others because of them. I am so grateful for the increase of happiness, fulfillment, and connection that I have gained from the time I’ve invested learning from Kirk and Kim. I encourage everyone to attend their events!

Austin Arntsen gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

Royalty and Romance was awesome!!! Well worth it. My husband and I were going through some hard things as we attended this last summer. Kirk and Kim shared their life, love, expertise in a way that changed and unified us so that we could face life's challenges. Thank you for your vision, strength and purpose, Kirk and Kim! We learned that for life to change we must change and for life to get better we must get better. If you wonder if you should go, do it! Be open and you will learn. You will learn things that as you apply them, will change your life forever🌺.

Liz Paras gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

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