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Kirk Duncan is a master storyteller, and is able to present material in an entertaining way. I can easily witness his authenticity and real desire to help others. I appreciate that although he is a religious man, he can appeal to those who are not. Between the first MYI I attended and May 2017 it is apparent that Kirk has refined his message and presentation, and I don't feel like I am being lectured about church or god as much as the first time. I appreciate his universal language of a higher power or higher consciousness, so that I can refer him to all my family and friends, regardless of their religious, political or spiritual affiliation (I've had some negative experiences with other trainings in the past). In my three times I have attended MYI, I have supported four others in attending this great training. And each time, although the content is the same or similar, he has some new stories and new research and new things to emphasize. I loved the livestream on facebook in the evenings, since I was not able to stay that long, and had to be home with family. That is also nice to be able to invite others to see that livestream as well. I also appreciate that most of the sales talks are on the last day, and aren't taking up as much training time or feeling as pushy as they did the first conference I attended. Your target audience will hear you without shoving. There is some kind of training for everyone with Kirk Duncan! My complaint would be that there is a fee for changing the event ticket to another time, and that I can't sign up a whole year out (I plan on this being an annual training, if not sooner with others), so I have to deal with changing the dates later. I am super grateful for this training, for Kirk's energy and enthusiasm, for him message of empowerment and optimism, and I will continue to share what I learned as well as encourage other to attend MYI as well. Thanks, Kirk (and team who makes it all happen)! You are a great light! See More

Kristen R gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review
Kailey M gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

We loved Master Your Influence and are looking forward to Present Yourself. See More

Kevin G gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

I've been several times, and each time is wonderfully different. This time, the power of the Vision Board and declarations came through more fully for me -- that we are in training, learning to use them to choose our own thoughts and feelings. Then help and allow those seeds to grow. The 7 adjective declaration was also an eye-opener. Thank you very much for your great story telling and your deep experience and your love for all of us. See More

Wilma A gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

I had the amazing opportunity to attend Master Your Influence with Kirk Duncan recently! It was such an awesome experience!! I learned some extremely valuable techniques to create better vision in my life and mind; to use better language towards myself and others; as well as how to calm and take better control of my body! I was able to use some of those techniques with my children when I got home and wow... the understanding I gained through learning about the communication through body language is huge!!!! It opened up a whole new way for me to better understand and communicate with my son as I recognized some of the things Kirk taught us! I learned so much that will not only help me to steer my life in the direction I want it to go, but how to help my children do the same!!! Kirk told me directly that he cares about me and my children! I truly could see and feel the truth of his words!!! He wants to help us all take control of and upgrade our lives! We can!! Start by taking the 1st step,,, make the choice, make the effort and go to Master Your Influence!! It WILL change your life! See More

Maren T gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

It's only been a week and I'm still feeling so excited and am reading and learning even more! The three day master your influence seminar was life changing/ life saving for me and my friend that attended with me! I feel what was taught are true principles and applying them to your life is so freeing and rewarding! I feel like the seminar is what I've needed to " get out of my own way"!! Applying what I learned has been so positive and the self discovery and techniques learned are again, just life changing. Feels like I've been given the tools I've been looking for for so long to let go of the heavy burden of negative thoughts and past experiences. Feels like a new life! An empowered life! Thank you Kirk for mentoring- you are a gladiator for good in the world!! See More

Cindee B gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review
Xiomara L gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

Life altering. Really appreciate that you fit so many puzzle pieces together! See More

Leslie C gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

The whole workshop was an awesome experience. I have started my vision board and I say my declarations several times a day. I even have an acronym for my 7 adjectives! I shared the idea of powerful words with my students, teaching them about their conscious and subconscious and self image and how to change that. I used the diagram about how thinking leads to behaviors, influence and results. I shared a couple of your stories with them. I incorporated it into my 7 Habits lesson "Sharpen the Saw" and about 1/2 of the students are saying their positive word every day. We say our class word every day. This training has had an impact on more than just me! Thanks. See More

Patricia G gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

Master Your Influence is the best class I have ever taken. What Kirk Duncan and his team have created is Divine! I love how he takes a concept and breaks it down to a step by step process! All that mixed with his purpose makes a product that is timeless. I loved it so much I signed up for 2 more classes and can't wait for the next chapter! Plus I signed up my children to take the Master Your Influence class! I am so grateful for what I am learning and for the future learnings. Thank you, thank you, thank you Kirk Duncan! See More

Trudy S gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

Thank you for a lot of wonderful information! I am grateful for the to do at once action items that made me begin right away to m c hanges See More

Marika C gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

One of my life long dreams has been to own my own floral design shop. Until my experience at Master Your Influence I had been letting life's struggles get in the way of my dreams. I had a wonderful time. I am excited to go to Queen of the Kingdom in July. I am so thankful I had this experience. It has changed my life for good. See More

April K gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

What surprised me is the sincerity and love that is emanated from the stage as Kirk teaches. I've been to many other trainings and this is the first one that I truly feel that the presenter cares that I a) understand the concepts, and b) have the tools to incorporate them into my life right away. The concepts are taught in an easy to understand way that is not intimidating and I know I can be successful with them as I do them. Can't wait to continue to recommend it to others and attend many more trainings! See More

Bonnie W gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

I went into Master Your Influence with good expectations because my friend's review had been real high. But I found out for myself how dynamic and powerful Kirk's teachings are. I used the lessons right in class and came away with a greater understanding. I'm taking it to the next level in Present Yourself! Jeanne F See More

Jeanne F gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

It was excellent very well presented. Lots of great new info. Very good mix of facts and new ideas. Thanks for the experience. Hi signed my wife and daughter for the August event. See More

John G gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

I recently attended the class Queen of the Kingdom. I had an issue with my confirmation that the company was able to fix so I could attend the event. They went out of their way to ensure that I had a seat so I could attend with the rest of my party. I was very pleased. The event that Kimberly Duncan taught was amazing. We all left feeling completely uplifted and capable to handle life with some new tools to change our mindset. Thank you so much for the awesome experiences you led us through Kimberly Duncan. I definitely highly recommended everyone that these classes are very empowering to help you change your life for the better.

Shelli Preece gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

This company is amazing! I don't say that very often about a whole company in general, but the way they all work together is just awesome! Kirk and Kim have changed my life. They have given me hope that I can change and improve my life. In this world full of doubt it is nice to be uplifted and inspired. They aren't really the best sales people, but for some reason people are drawn to their events. I think it is because we all could use a little hope that life can get better and will with certain steps. Life changing is all I have to say! If you go you won't regret it at all.๐Ÿ˜

Julia Hodgson gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

Queen of the Kingdom is a class for women to stretch their capacity for more in their life. Our home, our body, our words, our way of thinking and showing love to each other was highlighted in this class. I left feeling uplifted with 2000 other women, all creating connection and loving and serving each other. Kim facilitated a powerful experience for every women in the room to share kindness with each other. DANCE! Love one another, and support each other in the day to day activities that make our life. l love the simple tools she shared, the gifts she gave from her heart and the experience we had together to upgrade our way of being on a daily basis. I love the Destiny card she shared, a powerful tangible way for me to track my daily commitments!

April Berezay gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

3 KEY ELEMENTS' EVENTS have been LIFE CHANGING for me! Just finished Art of Mentoring, and I am so excited about all the skills I learned! Kirk and Kim make concepts so easy to understand and share, I'm so excited to continue to implement them (and I have been all weekend!) I highly recommend this and any of 3 Key Elements Trainings and products. As a single Mom, determined to help others with valuable lessons I've learned along the way, I feel supported and enthused about my future. Kirk and Kim, this is dedicated to you with deep gratitude for your mentoring: Mentors reflect The highest version of YOU In a way that you can see, hear, Grasp, and practically taste Tangible steps in becoming. They hold sacred belief In that version of YOU When your own doubts Seek to hide, distract, and delay your journey. They stand as an external conscience Cheering, inviting and asking Are you ready? Are you closer today Than you were yesterday? And when you achieve, They celebrate in tandem, Knowing the struggle, The price, and the victory Of winning the real YOU. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Heidi Peterson gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

I have been to Royalty and Romance, Master Your Influence, The Art of Mentoring, Queen of the Kingdom and Present Yourself! Each class was masterfully executed and entertaining. Each class provided amazing education and training that has proven incredibly useful in each individual area. The instructors are fun, intelligent, well educated by life and learning that has spanned many years! It is clear why they are highly sought after as mentors and trainer for the corporate world and personal training. You will not be disappointed!

Lori Dansie gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review
Candice Green gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

3 Key Elements is hands down the simplest and easiest to implement program for life transformation I know. It's not hard to pay for, either, with all the chances for discounts. The classes and recordings I have seen dramatically changed my view of myself and the world, along with giving me the tools I needed to start to manage my own thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. I struggled with deep depression and harsh self image for so many years, believing it would never change and no one could ever help me--that nothing could or would make a difference. I never thought that there could be simple techniques that would make a difference in all areas of my life. I attended my first event Royalty and Romance with my husband almost a year ago. Now I feel like I have hope, direction (which I chose for myself), and a whole new attitude about how to help others simply. 3 Key Elements has been super easy to work with, even during personal technical difficulties. Everyone on the staff seems to care very much about the people they are trying to help. They seem to be all on the same page, pulling together. Kirk Duncan, the president of the company and main presenter at most of the events, always brings 100%. He is not afraid to make mistakes. He does a fabulous job of answering audience questions with depth and sincerity. I could not say enough good about Kirk and the company. It is extremely well organized and people-centered.

Briana Colรณn gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

I have learned SOOO much from 3 Key Elements. It has been a life-changer for me as a parent, as a husband, as a friend, and now as a mentor. i recommend their courses to anyone!

Eric Christopher Pabst gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

Fantastic program! Kirk and Kim are as genuine as you can get, with real tools to help not only navigate life but to get all you can from it! I use what they've taught me every day!

Kenny Watkins gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

I have done a great many personal growth seminars, however this one was really different, it was practical information delivered in a humble way by a man who did it all first. Really worth the time investment.

Patricia Early gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

I attended Master your Influence for the first time this last weekend. It was phenominal!!!! I came to the conference with several questions I had been trying to figure out and empower myself through but I hadn't been making progress. I am so excited that I had so many of my questions answered with real applicable solutions. This weekend was incredibly empowering, no it was absolutely life changing!!! I had high expectations coming into the weekend, but my expectations were far surpassed. Kirk, thank you, thank you and thank you again for being a light to so very many in an ever darkening world. How bright you shine my friend. Joan and I will soon be good friends I hope, you know what I mean. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you for the life upgrade and I CAN'T WAIT for Present Yourself this November/December. I am also bringing all my sisters and mom to Master Your Influence early November too! Life upgrade challenge accepted.

Leslie Reynolds Simmons gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

I have never attended a seminar before this, my sister in law signed my husband and I up as a Christmas Gift, and in my view, it was one of the best gifts I have ever received. Kirk is absolutely amazing, he made us feel at ease from the beginning. I am so thankful that he shared with us how to not only influence others, but ourselves. I have not felt this kind of peace since I was a child. The skills we were taught, along with great faith, have already made a dramatic change in my life. Thank you Kirk and Kim for sharing your success with us!

Andrea Rowley Nielsen gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

Life changing events. 3 Key Elements has changed my mindset and my direction in life. I appreciate Kirk, Kim, Ann, Wayne, Kevin, Carol,... the whole team! They are all awesome!

Bill Boardman gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

Such Great Messages & Training ... I experience an "Upgrade" of understanding & knowledge each time I attend a 3 Key Elements event!

Annette McDonald Asbell gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

I've been to many classes in my life, I've attended seminars for motivation and transformation that I felt were good. I can say that I've never attended one that actually brought more impact and immediate change in ones personal self, that was so inspiring it caused shifts in ones heart and soul just being in the room! Kirk and Kim as a team, have a way of bringing light, hope and courage and HUGE transformations into the lives and hearts of those who lack those precious keys! I would encourage anyone seeking guidance, and hope from feeling trapped and lost in their lives, to see for yourselves the power from attending one of their classes. I will forever be grateful to have attended MANY of their classes that changed my life forever!

Jeanne Hair Harold gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

Kirk Duncan has helped to create amazing transformation for not only myself, but my entire family as he's taught with courage and passion those things that have helped move me forward in overcoming my own stories and old programs! Each training is so life changing! Kirk's influence ripples out and transforms so many! THank you Kirk and 3 key elements for moving forward with your mission to serve and inspire!

Gina Downing Hallam gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

The classes help you make your mind strong against the adversary. Gives you a strong desire to help others and yourself become the person God intends you to become.

Debra Fewkes gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

I had the opportunity to attend "master your influence" this weekend and it was so inspirational to see a glimpse of what I have the potential to become! I am grateful I was able to be trained and taught by Kirk and am excited for the next class Larry and I get to attend together in Oct, "Royalty and Romance"!

Lynette Wilson gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

We loved Master Your Influence. If people want to take their lives to the next level and use those skills to enrich the lives of those around them, they should attend for themselves. We are super excited about the upcoming Present Yourself. We love Kirk and Kim!

Mary Gieger gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

For my life to change, I must change and I have, again & again!! I now know what TRUE HAPPINESS FEELS LIKE - I love you Kirk & Kim Duncan ๐Ÿ’œ

Sheri Paulson Hartman gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review
Heidi Elkington gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

3 Key Elements events are life changing. My husband and I have attended all of their classes multiple times and have loved every one. Kirk, Kim, Ann, and the rest of the 3KE family never disappoint. We always leave edified and inspired. This company is dedicated to making the world a better place by empowering individuals and families. We are grateful for their vision, passion, and purpose. Thank you, 3 Key Elements! We love you!

Julie Bush Sidwell gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

I have learned so much from Master Your Influence this week! I have a Vision Board on my wall now and am on my way to a fuller life. I look forward to taking many from my doTERRA Team with me to the one in August and to attending Present Yourself in September with Michelle LeBaron!

Sarah Dodd Jensen gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

Awesome growth from an awesome mentor. Find the you that you are and make the changes required to make the you that you want to be, then you share that with others

Bob Fewkes gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

Wonderful wonderful people! I love Kim and Kirk Duncan.

Sara Christensen Bennion gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review
Sue Vw gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review
Allie Walter gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review

Kirk has changed my life! I'm so grateful for everything that he teaches! So many empowering tools and techniques that transform lives! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’•โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ˜€

Alisa Rueckert gave 3 Key Elements a 5 star review